A 19-month-old was attacked by the family Rottweiler in Flatbush, Brooklyn. He later died from his injuries at Maimonides Hospital.

The 30-year-old father of the child is currently being questioned by police and charges are pending. No arrests have been made in connection with this tragic incident.

The attack occurred just after 10:45 PM Tuesday night. The toddler was being watched by his two older siblings, ages 9 and 11, while their parents were at work. Police were called to the East 17th Street home. When they arrived the Rottweiler was locked in the bathroom and the 19-month-old was badly injured.

It was reported that after the attack occurred, the two older siblings rushed their brother outside looking for help. The child received injuries to his neck and shoulders and was bleeding heavily from several bite wounds.

EMS rushed the toddler to the hospital but he died from his injuries at 11:30 p.m. Tuesday night. The local Animal Care and Control took the Rottweiler into custody. There has been no report as to what will happen to the animal.

The investigation into the attack is ongoing and police are doing everything in their power to understand what happened leading up to the tragic event. According to police, the older brother told them that he had been attacked by the dog before and was scared of the animal. He showed officers a scar on his leg that was left by the dog. It is unclear why the children were left alone with the dangerous Rottweiler.

This is not the first time that a dog attack has happened in the Tri-State Area. Just last June, a 3-year-old was mauled to death by his family’s two pitbulls after he fell out of a window and landed in their backyard.

Before the 19-month-old boy was mauled, a 3-year-old boy was killed by his family dogs. Police reported that the dogs who attacked the 3-year-old in N.J. were pit bulls. The boy was mauled to death by his family's two dogs.
Police reported that the dogs who attacked the 3-year-old in N.J. were pitbulls. The boy was mauled to death by his family’s two dogs. Photo Credit: Instagram

The incident occurred on June 10, 2021, just after 5:30 PM in Elizabeth, N.J. It is unclear how the toddler fell out the window, but when he landed in the backyard he was soon attacked by the animals. His mother noticed the incident and rushed to help, but it was too late.

What followed was horrendous. “I saw the mother, she was full of blood in her hands, her shirt,” said neighbor, Maria Rocha. Many neighbors didn’t see the dog attack, but they did see a man carrying the bloody child and rushing out of the house to await police arrival.

“I heard something like bang and then I heard someone was screaming like, ‘Help! No stop, no stop!” said another neighbor, who had declined to give her name to NJ.com.

Police arrived on the scene and rushed the child to Trinitas Regional Medical Center where he passed away. It is unclear whether the boy died from the dog bites or from injuries sustained in the fall.

Police said that according to the boy’s uncle, who was there during the attack, the dogs grabbed the boy by his neck. When they were pulled away they attacked again at his legs.

Neighbors say that the pitbulls were aggressive dogs. “Whenever I would pass by the dogs would always bark. You could tell they were aggressive,” said neighbor Angela Perez. The area that the dogs lived in was also very dirty. Witnesses say that the yard was always filled with dog feces, tools, and old motorcycle parts.

The dogs were taken into police custody, and as of last June, the city of Elizabeth was planning on euthanizing them.