There are 3 dead and five hurt after a Father’s Day shooting at a Guatemalan Marimba party in Richmond, Calif. The triple homicide is being investigated by the Richmond Police Department, though no suspects or motive has been identified by police.

The incident occurred before 11:00 p.m. Sunday in the 2100 block of Dunn Avenue. The Richmond Police Department was notified that a shooting had occurred at a party. When authorities arrived, officers located multiple victims who were suffering gunshot wounds, according to a statement released by the RPD on Facebook.

Two partygoers died from their injuries at the scene and one other died at a local hospital. Five others were injured, including one in critical condition and another in fair condition still being treated at the hospital. The three other victims have already been discharged.

The Marimba party – which is based on the Guatemalan percussion instrument – had around 100 people in attendance. The party also involved music, alcohol, and dancing. According to police, the shooting was a targeted and isolated incident, but the motive is still being investigated. Authorities are trying to piece together what happened Sunday night and have asked for any information regarding the Marimba party or the possible suspects to reach out to law enforcement.

The Richard Police Department released a statement regarding the shooting at the Marimba party Sunday. Authorities urge those with info to call 510-621-1755
The Richard Police Department released a statement regarding the shooting at the Marimba party Sunday. Authorities urge those with info to call 510-621-1755. Photo Credit: Facebook

Sgt. Aaron Pomeroy from the Richmond police said that leading up to the shooting multiple people walked up to the house hosting the Marimba party. Those individuals then fired into a crowd of people. It isn’t clear how many perpetrators were involved. Pomeroy said that there are currently two suspects being sought, though he didn’t identify the individuals. There have been no arrests so far.

Richmond Police Lieutenant Matt Stonebraker said that “the shooting appears to be isolated and targeted to that actual gathering.” He continued, saying that “there is no motive at this time and we don’t have any suspect information.”

None of the eight victims have been identified, but one of the victim’s family members said that his uncle was one of the three people killed during the Marimba party. The unidentified family member claimed his uncle was 37-years-old and sold fruit in the Bay Area. He said that he doesn’t know the other two victims or whether any of them were targeted in the attack.

Stonebreaker said that “there is no indication that the suspects were at the party at any time,” and that it appears “that they did walk up on the scene and then got into a nearby car.” The party was advertised on social media, but authorities have not confirmed whether the shooting was targeting individuals victims or the party itself. Currently, officials are gathering resources and obtaining surveillance and cellphone footage that will help them track down the shooters.

According to CNN, there were more than seven killed and 45 injured from 10 mass shootings in the United States over the weekend. The Gun Violence Archive reported that there have been 293 mass shootings in 2021 so far. Many suspect the lifting of Covid-19 restrictions and the psychological and social effects that the pandemic has had on communities across the country.