50 Cent was under fire on Monday for an Instagram post that seemed to inconsiderately use the recent death of The Wire actor Michael K. Williams to promote his Starz series, Power Book III: Raising Kanan.

In a since-deleted post, the rapper referenced a New York Post article that stated that micheal k. williams’ died due to a fentanyl overdose, although knowledge of his cause of death has yet to be officially reported.

“Damn if you didn’t see Raising Kanan check it out that fentanyl is no joke, killing the clientele. RIP Micheal K. Williams,” he wrote. The post also ended with hashtags “#bransoncognac #lecheminduroi #bottlerover,” promoting his line of cognac and wine products.

After fans became viscerally angry at the rapper’s tone-deaf response and called him out online, 50 Cent deleted the post. People were also quick to point out that 50 Cent had misspelled the actor’s name, writing “micheal.”

“Idc what anyone says, using someone’s tragic & untimely death to promote your own show with an insensitive a** caption is VILE,” one commenter wrote. “50 Cent has always been ignorant, but this is crossing the line.”

“50 cent has literally shown us who he is for years,” another angry commenter wrote. “I honestly don’t know why y’all still support his projects but that’s another discussion.”

The 46-year-old rapper also posted a Page Six headline from 2018 resurfacing beef that he had with Michael K. Williams, which he also promptly deleted.

“Don’t ever try to understand me. I’m different. I don’t do all the fake love s–t,” he wrote.

The feud between the two came seemingly out of nowhere three years ago. It all started with a claim 50 Cent made that former music executive James Rosemond was assaulted in prison while serving his life sentence for a planned assassination of another G-Unit member.

Williams released a video on Instagram later calling his statements “completely false,” but did not mention the rapper by name.

“I don’t usually entertain, the foolishness but sometimes you have to,” Williams wrote. “I mean you just can’t keep poking a bear with a stick and [think] nothing would happen. The BEAR will eventually will EAT YOU.”

50 Cent didn’t take lightly to Michael K. Williams siding with Rosemond, for whatever reason he felt inclined to insert himself into the drama. It’s possible that Williams and Rosemond knew each other from Williams’ time in the music industry working as a dancer for George Michael, Madonna, and Tupac Shakur.

“I just stopped pass with a little message for anyone who may or may not be interested in anything they’ve heard in regards to Jimmy Rosemond on social media these past few days,” Williams wrote at the time. “They are completely false y’all.”

I speak to him and his team of lawyers on a regular basis and I assure you he is fine and in prayer,” Williams said. “So with that, I’ll say to anyone under the sound of this simple man’s voice God bless.”

In a second post, 50 Cent warned Williams to “mind your business,” posting a photo from The Wire of his character involved in a gay sex scene.

“50 Cent is honestly disgusting and disrespectful as hell for this post smh,” another commenter wrote. “Sending my condolences to the family of Michael K. Williams.”

Michael K. Williams passed away at the age of 54. He was found dead in his Brooklyn penthouse apartment by family members on Monday.

“It is with deep sorrow that the family announces the passing of Emmy-nominated actor Michael Kenneth Williams” a statement from the actor’s representative read. “They ask for your privacy while grieving this insurmountable loss.”