A-Rod posted a petty Instagram post of him leaning up against a Red Porsche that he gifted his ex J.Lo in 2019. While the former baseball pro has been cool about the breakup in interviews, many fans now think the former baseball player wants revenge.

The celebrity couple broke up in April after five years of dating and two years of being engaged. To fans, the breakup seemed friendly despite J.Lo taking no time before jumping into a relationship with Ben Affleck. In a recent interview, A-Rod told reporters that he was grateful for his relationship with the singer and had nothing bad to say about her.

“I had five years of an incredible life and partnership and also with my daughters, we learned so much. And now we have the opportunity to take that and move forward and say, ‘You know what? We’re so grateful for the last five years, how do we make the next five years better because of lessons learned?” said A-Rod.

According to a source, A-Rod is content with his life and ready to spend time with his friends and family, but the Instagram post told another story. It definitely showed the man’s true colors.

A-Rod is looking for revenger on ex J-Lo. He posted this salty picture of him and the Porsche that he gifted J-Lo in 2019 and fans are screaming at awkward the whole situation is. The man is finally showing his true colors when it comes to the end of his relationship.
A-Rod was looking for revenge on ex-J.Lo. He posted this salty picture of him and the Porsche that he gifted J.Lo in 2019 and fans are screaming at how awkward the whole situation is. The man was finally showing his true colors when it comes to the end of his relationship. (Credit: Instagram)

The post, which he captioned “I’m super down to earth,” featured A-Rod in front of three very fancy cars. The red Porsche will be recognizable to fans of the ex-couple because it is the same car that the former Yankees player gave to J.Lo for her 50th birthday back in 2019. Past pictures showed A-Rod putting a big bow on top before gifting it to her and the couple was known to drive it around Miami together.

Many comments on the post made fun of the former baseball player for how salty he was. One Instagram user wrote that “she told him to shove the car up his ass and I guess that’s what he’s trying to do.” Another chimed in with: “Looks like J.Lo left not only you but the red car too.”

While the car was a nice birthday gift, it also showed how different J.Lo and A-Rod were in their relationship. In videos of J.Lo receiving the car she was all smiles and visibly excited – she also hadn’t driven a car in over 25 years.

A-Rod’s recent post might be in response to what J.Lo did to her Instagram. The singer recently removed all photos and videos of her former fiancé from her social media feed and fans are wondering if she’s taking the next step with her new boyfriend, Ben Affleck.

The singer is even removing herself from any business partnerships with the former Yankees player. Directly after their split, the pair said that they would stay business partners, but apparently, J.Lo has changed her mind. According to a source, “Jennifer is done dealing with Alex,” said a source. “She’s washing her hands of him romantically and also as a business partner. She will have to sell her side of the company or buy him out,” the source continued. “She doesn’t care about how it goes down, just that she is free of the ties to him. She knows it’s [only] fair to Ben [Affleck].”

Since breaking up with A-Rod, J.Lo and Ben have been moving fast in their relationship. Sources close to the couple say they are very much in love and glad that they got to reconnect. They even shared a sweet kiss together after celebrating his birthday.

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