Aaroh Mankad, known on TikTok as the “Seattle Tech Bro,” revealed a startling diagnosis during his most recent video. The content creator told his viewers that he was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. He admitted he never would have known without his trusted fans.

According to Mankad, his TikTok viewers reached out to him via direct messages and claimed his thyroid looked a bit swollen. “You might want to get that check,” one fan wrote in the comments section to the Seattle Tech Bro. Another viewer took the direct approach, messaging Aaroh Mankad directly.

“Hey!” they said in a DM. “Enjoying your videos. Sorry if this is overstepping. Your thyroid looks a bit swollen, please get it checked. Usually it’s just an enlarged thyroid but sometimes it’s thyroid cancer.” Though the request was odd, Mankad obliged. It might have just saved his life.

The Seattle Tech Bro was saved when TikTok viewers told him he might have cancer. Aaroh Mankad went to the doctor to check it out and it turned out he had thyroid cancer.

“Out of an abundance of caution and just because I get anxious about these sorts of things, I went ahead and got it checked out,” Mankad admitted in his latest TikTok. “Long story short, after several rounds of tests and ultrasound, it turned out that there was a 95 percent chance that the nodule I had was cancerous.”

According to the TikTok star, doctors gave him two options. He could either have the whole thyroid removed or surgeons could take out only the “cancerous bit.” He decided to have only the cancerous bit removed because he didn’t want to take synthetic hormones for the rest of his life, “especially at age 22.”

The thyroid is a gland housed at the base of the neck toward the front. It is butterfly-shaped and releases important hormones that regulate the heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, and weight. The gland is super important, however, it is a common spot for cancerous growths to form. While the signs are hard to spot, especially early on in the disease, thyroid cancer does create a lump that can be visible through the skin on the neck.

Viewers pleaded with Seattle Tech Bro Aaroh Mankad to get his thyroid checked out when they spotted a lump on his neck. It might have just saved his life.
Viewers pleaded with Seattle Tech Bro Aaroh Mankad to get his thyroid checked out when they spotted a lump on his neck. It might have just saved his life. Photo Credit: TikTok

Aaroh Mankad’s viewers were quick to notice his lump and pleaded with the TikTok creator to get it checked out. While thyroid cancer isn’t the most deadly form of cancer, it does claim 2,200 lives each year and those with the disease should get it treated immediately. With proper treatment, which often includes surgery to remove part of the thyroid, survival is likely.

The Seattle Tech Bro is on a hiatus while he recovers from his surgery, though he did promise to make at least a few videos while he rested. He admitted that it is hard to talk after the surgery and that it drains him to talk too much, which is a large part of his video-making process.

The 22-year-old TikTok creator is known for his tech and finance videos. Detailed in his bio, the Seattle Tech Bro talks about “tech, finances, and career progression in a no-judgment zone.” So far he has 14,800 followers and his videos have garnered nearly 300,000 likes. In his recent videos, Aaroh Mankad spoke about topics such as the interviewing process, as well as the distinction between data science and computer science.

He previously revealed that he makes over $300,000 a year. He made a series of videos detailing his modest lifestyle and what he spends his salary on. The videos were extremely popular and help The Seattle Tech Bro rise to fame on TikTok.