Aaron Garcia was arrested Tuesday night for a brutal hatchet attack at a Chase Bank in the Financial District. The incident, which was caught on surveillance camera, occurred at around 5:20 p.m. on Sunday by an ATM on Broadway near Morris Street. Police searched for the hatchet-wielding suspect all week long and law enforcement claimed they finally caught him.

Garcia was busted for the horrific attack at around 9:20 p.m. Tuesday night, authorities said Wednesday. The suspect identified is a 37-year-old military vet. Police suspect that Garcia is connected with two other incidents that occurred earlier this month.  

Authorities finally caught the Yonkers man after he reportedly threatened another man with a hammer on Tuesday afternoon. Reports claim he brandished the hammer after the man accidentally bumped into him in the street but he didn’t strike. Later in the day Tuesday, cops allegedly found Garcia smashing car windows in Chelsea.

Aaron Garcia has an active warrant for his arrest and four bench warrants from the Yonkers Police Department. Yonkers police were looking for Garcia in connection with a February 15 assault. The four bench warrants are because Garcia failed to appear in court. The incidents involved domestic disputes, as well as harassment charges, reports said.

After he was taken into custody Tuesday, Garcia was transported to Bellevue Hospital where underwent a psychiatric evaluation. Cops formally arrested him after he was released. Aaron Garcia faces attempted murder and assault charges after the hatchet attack.

Police identified Aaron Garcia as the suspect in the vicious hatchet attack. The video shows the Yonkers man striking a 51-year-old man several times before fleeing.
Police identified Aaron Garcia as the suspect in the vicious hatchet attack. The video shows the Yonkers man striking a 51-year-old man several times before fleeing. Photo Credit: Twitter

According to reports, Aaron Garcia served in the military. A close relative revealed that he served in the Army and that he was not the same after he was deployed to Iraq. The relative said “he was a little off-center. He was in combat. All he would say is ‘I saw dead bodies.’”

The hatchet-wielding man is suspected of a separate unprovoked attack in Lower Manhattan on Aug. 3. Garcia allegedly kicked a person on South Street at around 6:20 p.m.

Earlier on August 3, the Yonkers man threatened a passer-by with a knife after they pleaded with him to stop urinating in public. Garcia was reportedly peeing on Pine Street at around noon. While he brandished the knife at the passerby, it was reported that he didn’t attack the individual.

Sunday’s attack was a horrible scene. Surveillance cameras caught disturbing footage of the hatchet attack. In the video, Garcia can be seen striking a man with the sharp object several times as the man pleaded for his life. The 51-year-old man was using an ATM in the Chase Bank when Garcia snuck up from behind and lunched the assault – unprovoked.

In the video, Garcia landed several blows with the hatchet, bloodying the man as he pled for mercy. Eventually, Garcia fled, though he left his hatchet and backpack behind. The victim was later identified as Queens resident Miguel Solorzano. He survived the attack and was taken to the hospital for severe injuries to his face and leg.

Authorities said that Solorzano suffered three slash wounds to his head and another one on his right leg. He was taken to Bellevue Hospital where he underwent two surgeries. He is still recovering from his injuries as of Wednesday but is expected to survive.

Miguel Solorzano recounted the horrifying hatchet attack in full detail. “He hit me,” the victim explained. “In the bank, he hit me.”

A witness said that “the guy that got hit in the head was screaming. It’s crazy. People were shouting and we saw the guy laying down – a lot of blood.”

One of Solorzano’s family friends said that his “whole family is in Mexico.” He admitted that he “didn’t ask [Solorzano] about what happened, I just wanted to make sure he’s okay.”