Aaron Rodgers may be happily engaged to Shailene Woodley, but before he got together with the Big Little Lies star he left a trail of broken hearts. The two most famous heartbreaks? Danica Patrick and Olivia Munn.

Patrick and Rodgers first got together in January 2018 and later purchased a $28 million Malibu estate together in December 2019, according to Vanity Fair. Then, in July 2020 they split up, which she said had “broken open” her heart.

Patrick was knee-deep in sand with Bear Grylls on the latest episode of Running Wild with Bear Grylls, but she was also traveling deep into her past, remembering a recent relationship that “threw her in the deep end.”

She told Grylls: “I think we learn the most about ourselves through relationships, but there’s nothing like heartbreak to really throw you in the deep end of that.” The two were exploring the Moab desert in southeastern Utah. “I’ve learned a lot and as broken open as I was on the sad end,” she continued. “I have felt so much joy in so many more instances and so many more unlikely places than I ever have, so it’s like my heart got broken open to both ends of the spectrum.”

The relationship between Patrick and Rodgers lasted two and a half years, but that era ended. Rodgers quickly became engaged to Woodley after a whirlwind romance. Many fans previously believed he wanted to focus on his career and that he might never get married. But Woodley turned everything around.

Danica Patrick Reflects On Aaron Rodgers Breakup
Photo Credit: Danica Patrick

Rodgers’ ex-girlfriend, Olivia Munn opened up about her experience with the Green Bay Packers quarterback. Their three-year relationship ended back in 2017, with rumors swirling that his parents disapproved of their romance.

For The Win reported that Rodgers had already been estranged from his parents for eight months before they started dating. The report said Munn was the one to encourage him to mend things with them. According to Munn, Rodgers’ success was the biggest factor in the tense relationship.

“I don’t think either side of the road is clean,” she said in an interview with Andy Cohen on SiriusXM. “I do think it’s not OK when you try to stand on someone’s shoulders and then throw dirt in their face, which is what I think they did with him.”

As for why the two broke up after three years, Rodgers told People that “when you are living out a relationship in the public eye, it’s definitely … it’s difficult. It has some extra constraints because you have other opinions about your relationship, how it affects your work and, you know, just some inappropriate connections.”

Olivia Munn Reflects On Aaron Rodgers Breakup
Photo Credit: Olivia Munn

Despite leaving a trail of broken hearts, Rodgers has gotten engaged. He and actress Shailene Woodley made things official in February.

Rodgers told USA Today that it was “the best thing that’s happened to me in the last year.” The NFL player has been seen in cute Instagram videos with his fiancée and he looks happier than he has in a long time.

“I think the next great challenge will be being a father,” Rodgers gushed. “A lot of my friends are (parents). I’m in the age group where a lot of my close friends from high school and college are fathers now and have families of their own.”

Rodgers recently guest-hosted on Jeopardy! The couple shared Instagram videos where the two were visibly excited about their mutual love of the show.

Aaron Rodgers with Shailene Woodley
Photo Credit: Aaron Rodgers

Rodgers had a near mishap on the show, according to the Huffington Post, but he was saved thanks to well-placed sticky notes.