AJ Webber took to TikTok to show followers his tiny apartment in New York City, and people were alarmed at how small it was.

In a 46-second TikTok video, Webber showed people his tiny apartment in the West Village of NYC. He called it “the smallest apartment in New York City.” It has a sink, microwave and mini fridge, a bunk bed, closet, and a queen size mattress. Want to go to the bathroom? We have bad news for you: there isn’t one!

The irony is that the West Village is considered one of Manhattan’s most expensive neighborhoods. The rents and sale prices are sky high, and many of the residents are considered wealthy.

Nevertheless, Webber tells TikTok viewers to take their expectations about his apartment and lower them. The room looks more like a walk-in closet than an apartment and many people in the comments section said their college dorm room was bigger than Webber’s tiny apartment.

The video starts with AJ Webber showing off how close the sink and the kitchen are. They are both right next to the front door. Above the “kitchen,” is a shelf where Webber stores his food along with his one plate and bowl.

“The pantry is absolutely stocked,” he jokingly added. “I just realized that all those foods are carbohydrates and also come in a box. There is no nutritional value here.” 

Webber continued his tour by showing the Internet his bedroom, which is a single bunk bed over a queen mattress. According to Webber, he alternates between sleeping on the bunk bed or the queen. Lastly, the young man shows off his lava lamp, which he thinks really pulls the room together.

Since posting, the video has gotten over 4.8 million likes and many comments talk about how shocking his tiny apartment is.

One person wrote, “I lowered my expectations and still, they were too high.”

Other comments asked about the bathroom situation, since AJ Webber never showed a toilet or shower. The TikToker jokingly commented on one user mentioning the toilet, and said, “don’t you see the window…”

Jokes aside, he explained in a separate video that his apartment has a communal bathroom down the hall. According to the New York man there is no soap, and you have to bring your own toilet paper when using it.

In a viral TikTok video, AJ Webber showed off his tiny apartment in NYC that has shocked many people for its lack of space. (Credit: TikTok)
In a viral TikTok video, AJ Webber showed off his tiny apartment in NYC that has shocked many people for its lack of space. (Credit: TikTok)

Some of the comments gave AJ Webber helpful tips on how to make the most of his space. A couple people said that he should throw away the queen-size mattress so that he can have a space to sit below his bed.

Courtney Lauster said, “Why don’t you Get rid of your lower bed and just sleep in the loft and then you have room for sitting!!!” In a later video, followers watched Webber remove the lower bed and he becomes baffled at all the new space that he has.

Other commenters asked how much the rent was for this tiny apartment. According to AJ Webber, his place is located in the West Village, and he has only been living there for three weeks.

One commenter joked that if the rent were $300 a month, then he’d be OK living there. Others said that the rent is probably over $1,000.

According to Zumper, the average rent of a one-bedroom apartment in the West Village is $3,995. A studio costs $3,100 a month. One-bedroom apartments saw a 14% increase in rent over the last year, while West Village studio apartments experienced a 24% increase.

AJ Webber never told viewers what his rent is.

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