Allan Baltz, an 11-year-old sixth grader from Jonesboro, Ar., won $2.5K in prize money from an adorable mullet contest and then donated it all to charity.

With over 25,000 votes, Allan Baltz smoked the competition and won with his golden, curly hairstyle. The Arkansas native heroically gave all $2,500 to foster care services, which helped him find his family as a young child.

“Mom told me that a lot of people said ‘Please, let your son do this,’” Allan told About You Magazine, who covered the event. Initially hesitant, he later joined the Kids Division of the annual USA Mullet Championships after learning that there was a large cash prize he could give to a good cause.

With his business up front, party in the back, style haircut, Allan Baltz took first prize and gave the money to Project Zero and Together We Foster, two Arkansas foster care services.

“I used to be in foster care, and I know how their hearts feel about not having a family, not having what they need like food and someone they can love,” Allan said.

Growing the haircut for fun during quarantine, he never could have imagined it netting him $2,500. “It made me feel really happy for those kids,” he said. “I did not expect that, thank you.”

Lesli Baltz, Allan’s mother who adopted him when he was just 4 years old, said that he had a very difficult time growing up. He suffers from a rare genetic syndrome called X-Linked Opitz G, according to The New York Post, which is also known as BBB Syndrome. The condition affects his “speech and motor skills,” his mother said, and affects his brain, heart, and larynx.

“He is also the most emphatic human I know,” Lesli Baltz said. “He has a ridiculous mullet now, and when he realized a mullet contest has a cash reward, his first words were ‘If I do it, then I can give the money to kids in foster care. The boy we adopted through foster care instantly wanting to give back … no thought of what he could get for himself by winning.”

In a post on Facebook, Lesli revealed that other kind citizens have helped in adding to Allan Baltz’s donations, totaling over $5,500 in additional funds. In a “thank you” video of the moment Allan Baltz won, Lesli Baltz called her son “my hero,” writing that she had to “collect her thoughts” at the surprise victory.

“I’m still struggling to come up with the words to express how grateful we are for each of you and the way our community rallied together to support Allan,” she wrote on social media, thanking everyone who contributed. “For now, I’m just gonna sit in awe of the power of an 11-year-old with a hilarious mullet and phenomenal heart.”

Other winners of the USA Mullet Championship included Tyler Billingsley, the Teen Division winner from Oklahoma, Cassidy Jenson, the “Femullet” Division winner from New York, and Clint Duncan, the Men’s Open Division winner from Tennessee.

The USA Mullet Championship website also boasts a “Hall of Fame” featuring famous mullets from celebrities including tennis player Andre Agassi, country singer Blake Shelton, and Roadhouse actor Patrick Swayze.

Lindsay Roberts, director of Together We Foster, said that, “It’s just exciting for kids.”

“It shows us what our future can be like with kids like Allan here to help,” Roberts said. “I think it’s just helped people realize you don’t have to be a foster parent to help. There are other ways that you can help. You can donate and you can just be an advocate for the kids that are in foster care.”