Alyssa Olivier, a 39-year-old Colorado woman and mother who has been missing since August, was found homeless on the streets of New York City, according to a report in the New York Post

Kristie Olivier, Alyssa’s mother, says her daughter left her Denver home over the summer to travel to Kansas, where she grew up. 

Alyssa Olivier then apparently drove up to New York City on Aug. 2, where she attended College at Cooper Union and reportedly planned to meet with old friends. 

Alyssa Olivier, 39-year-old Colorado mother, was missing for 2 months before she was found living homeless in New York City. Her mom Kristie Olivier said Alyssa refused to go home or get mental health help.
Alyssa Olivier, 39-year-old Colorado mother, was missing for 2 months before she was found living homeless in New York City. Her mom Kristie Olivier said Alyssa refused to go home or get mental health help. Photo credit: Facebook

What Happened to Alyssa Olivier?

Alyssa Olivier reportedly stopped responding to text messages from family members two days after her arrival. When her friends told her mother that they hadn’t seen her, Kristie Olivier filed a missing persons report. 

Alyssa’s car was found in September, abandoned in Manhattan with a dead battery and an empty gas tank, but with no sign of the 39-year-old woman. Her phone and purse were discovered in the vehicle, her wallet was gone. 

“The car was found parked in a two-hour parking zone and sat there for a month and never moved,” Kristie told the Post.  “We had credit card receipts — she visited an Asian restaurant, a pizza place,” but it still wasn’t clear where the 39-year-old was living. 

Kristie Olivier then hired Rock Pereira, a former New York Police Department detective and private investigator, to aid in the search. 

On the morning of Sept. 29, when Alyssa Olivier attempted to call her estranged husband, from whom she is separated, the private detective was able to track the calls to a payphone on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

But things took a turn for the worse on Oct. 12, when Alyssa was seen on video allegedly kicking a woman near the same location from which the payphone calls were placed. 

“As you can imagine, we were shocked to see her in this agitated state, as she is such a peaceful and loving soul,” said a friend of Alyssa’s to, who identified herself only as Sophie. 

According to the Post, New York police have opened an investigation into the incident, which authorities said caused the 43-year-old victim “pain and a bloody nose.” Pereira told reporters that if Alyssa Olivier is arrested for the assault, she would likely receive a “desk appearance ticket” before being released onto the streets again. 

The video below allegedly shows Alyssa Olivier kicking another woman in NYC. It has not been 100% verified.

But the following day, on Oct. 14, an anonymous caller told Pereira they had spotted Alyssa with a white cat near Tompkins Square Park in the East Village, he told the Post

Pereira said he and a friend of Alyssa — possibly Sophie — found the missing Colorado mother in that area on the same day. 

“She looked tired,” Pereira told the Post. She was carrying three bags and she definitely looked homeless.”. 

The private investigator said he spoke with Alyssa Olivier for “10 to 12 minutes,” but that she declined medical care. He said that he gave the 39-year old a list of “important phone numbers” and $100 cash, telling her “people are worried about you, including your mom.”

Though Alyssa has been — or was, for a time — found, alive and well, she is an adult, and there is nothing her mother or Pereira can do to make her come home. 

“We can’t just put her in a strait jacket and send her to Bellevue Hospital,” Pereira told the Post.  The entire situation is delicate. But she does need help.”

Kristie Olivier told the outlet she was “crushed” by the private eye’s findings. 

“She’s in a state where she is not entirely coherent,” Alyssa’s mother told the Post. “We don’t know if we’re dealing with a health issue, a mental health issue, or something else. She’s been without any means of support for two months. Who knows what she has encountered on the streets?”

“We are terrified,” she continued. “We know the state of the streets in New York and the weather is going to turn. This has baffled us.”

Alyssa Olivier Had a Brain Injury

Kristie said her daughter was living with her and “helping with little things around the house” before she disappeared in New York. Alyssa had recently separated from her husband — with whom she has a 10-year-old daughter — and while she seemed “overwhelmed by so many life changes,” her mother said she did not seem to be on the verge of a breakdown. 

Alyssa’s mother also told the Post that her daughter “had a brain injury as a kid,” and was diagnosed with Henoch-Schonlein purpura, a rare disorder that mainly affects the “skin, joints, intestines and kidneys,” according to the Mayo Clinic.

It is not known if either malady is related to her apparent mental break. 

Kristie told reporters her daughter was “very spiritual.”

“She meditates, she does yoga,” and known to give guidance and life advice to her friends, Alyssa’s mother said. 

“She was an artist. She painted, she worked with fabric [and] textiles,” Kristie added. 

On Alyssa’s website where she promotes her art, she said she is “moved by the beauty and pathos of mundane moments, empty spaces, and broken objects.”

“Our time is short here, so many things are broken, and there is never the right needle for mending,” reads a cryptic message on the site’s homepage. “And I miss her if she is gone for a moment, so I am pouring out my mind here to give myself some room.”