Amanda DiMeo, self-defined as a mother, hustler, and model, exposed an underboob hack for getting free shirts at Disney. The hack? Break Disney’s dress code policy, and the company will give you a free Disney shirt to cover up. DiMeo found success in wearing a top that revealed some underboob when entering Magic Kingdom.

“I just got a $75 t-shirt because I was wearing a shirt that exposed my under boob a little bit,” Amanda DiMeo explained. “So yeah, if you want free Disney shirts, that’s the hack.”

The tiktoker shared her experience after she was taken aside by an employee and written a ticket for a shirt at the nearest gift shop. The tiktok went viral, scoring over 5 million likes and 24.3 million views in just over a week, and the comment section exploded with outrage. Other women shared stories of being dress-coded at the amusement park.

Amanda DiMeo is sexy AND smart! The Tik Tok queen figured out a way to get a free T-shirt at Disney: a sexy underboob hack!

“This happened to me when I was younger because I was wearing a halter top that ties,” one user said.

Amanda DiMeo commented on her own video to point out the park’s hypocrisy: “Does Disney World not have 2 water parks & multiple pools where ppl show way more skin in front of children?”


According to the Disney dress code policy, they “reserve the right to deny admission to or remove any person wearing attire that is considered inappropriate.” Some of the 24 million people who viewed DiMeo’s tiktok expressed support for the policy, claiming that she shouldn’t “take advantage” or else Disney will start kicking people out instead of providing clothing.

TikToker Amanda DiMeo calls herself a hustler. Turns out she’s a stripper!

“Girl your views are warped if your priorities are going to a family theme park to look ‘HOT’,” one user said, jumping on a thread to criticize DiMeo’s actions.

DiMeo liked the response of a user that came to her defense, who said, “I’m so tired of people thinking moms can’t look hot. some of y’all in the comments are not it.”

Amanda DiMeo has welcomed the title of being a hot mom, sharing her life as a sexy stripper on Tiktok and Instagram daily. DiMeo makes a point to normalize the career of being a stripper over social media, sharing how she supports her family financially and maintains a healthy relationship with both her husband and daughter.


Tiktokers came after her in comments following her Disney underbooob hack video, but she quickly responded: “I still get paid for their views.” DiMeo is referencing the Creator Fund, which pays participating creators for each view they receive on tiktok videos.

Although she makes most of her money from stripping, Amanda DiMeo will, without a doubt, be earning a hefty paycheck for her recent video about Disney. Most of her videos average around 400k to 500k views, although some do reach the millions. Her Disney underboob hack surpassed all her other videos, and will without a doubt continue earning her views as time goes on.