Amy and John Schubert have been charged for their involvement in the Jan. 6 Capitol riot. The charges include two counts of misdemeanor, unlawful entry of a government building and misdemeanor disorderly conduct.

The couple from Crest Hill, Ill. has been released on a $10,000 recognizance bond, which they only have to pay if they miss their court dates. The pair have been asked to hand over their passports and firearms before their court date. They must also submit regular DNA samples before their court appearance.

Some neighbors of the Schuberts weren’t surprised that they went to the Capitol riot. Reports claim this isn’t the first time that the couple has gotten into trouble for their political views. “They posted Trump signs multiple times on this public property, and we called multiple times to get them to take it down,” Amy and John Schubert’s neighbors told reporters.

Others were baffled by the crimes that the couple was charged with. One man said that the Schuberts had a Trump sign on their lawn, but it was taken down after the election, much like a lot of the other political signs in the neighborhood.

Dale Jacobs, a neighbor of the couple, told the media that “the only thing this guy is radical about is mowing his lawn and picking up leaves in the fall.” But he also understood that a lot of people were angry after the election and saw how they could want to go to the rally and then the riot.

Amy and John Schubert were arrested at their home early Monday morning and taken away in handcuffs. Federal and local police were both there for the arrest. Their house, located in rural Crest Hill, has an American flag out front.

Amy and John Schubert before they were arrested for their involvement in the Capitol riot.
Amy and John Schubert before they were arrested for their involvement in the Capitol riot, but their Facebook photos show a sweet-looking couple that likes to spend time with their grandkids. Photo Credit: Facebook

On their Facebook pages, Amy and John Schubert look like a typical suburban couple. They go hiking, traveling and they even have a couple of grandkids. It’s hard to imagine that this sweet-looking couple could have been involved in something so dangerous.

While their profile features pictures of the grandkids and snapshots from their 2014 trip to Italy, it also contains photos that show Amy and John Schubert in line with many of the other rioters at the Capitol. Many of Amy’s posts are pro-gun, anti-Covid-19, and have been flagged for misinformation. The comment section is full of new comments from strangers asking how was to be arrested, with messages telling the pair to have a nice time in jail.

Amy and John during their 2014 trip to Italy. Seven years later they would be arrested.
Amy and John pictured here during their 2014 trip to Italy. Seven years later they would be arrested for the Capitol Riot in Washington D.C.. Photo Credit: Facebook

It was through the Internet that the FBI was able to track down the couple and bring them to justice. The police first became aware of Amy through a YouTube video on March 2 called “The Insurrection of The United States Capitol.”

The video shows the couple. Amy is wearing a jacket with the phrase “Plumbers & Pipefitters Local Union 422 Joliet, IL.” on it. The police were able to use that information to find six Facebook pages with those keywords. Authorities narrowed it down further to find Amy’s page, which had pictures of the couple which matched the clips of them in the video.

Police went one step further and got a search warrant for her Google information. Through photos and location information, they were able to confirm that Amy’s cell phone was in the Capitol building during the time of the riot.

The couple has been forbidden to travel anywhere outside of Illinois and Washington D.C. except for their appearances in court. They are two out of the 13 people that have been arrested in Illinois for their involvement in the Capitol riot. Their court date has not been set.