Two hosts on The View, Ana Navarro and Sunny Hostin, were taken off camera live on Friday’s episode after it was revealed that they had both tested positive for Covid-19. The on-air incident was seconds before Vice President Kamala Harris was set to appear for an interview.

According to co-host Joy Behar, who took over quickly, both Ana Navarro and Sunny Hostin were fully vaccinated, and were feeling fine despite testing positive.

The two hosts were directed off the set in a mayhem of producers shouting conflicting orders at the Ana Navarro and Sunny Hostin. ABC had previously billed Kamala Harris’ interview as her “first in-studio interview since taking office,” which meant that tensions to have everything run smoothly in the studio were high.

After a quick commercial break occurring just 15 minutes into the show, the cameras returned to The View co-host Joy Behar, who tried to get things back together while still confused herself.

“OK, we’re back, there seems to be something happening here that I’m not 100 percent aware of,” she said. “Can someone please apprise me of the situation?”

A producer in the background was heard saying “I need the two of you to step off for a second,” referring to Ana Navarro and Sunny Hostin, and they two made their exit.

Joy Behar, still perplexed by the situation asked a producer if she should still “introduce the vice president?”

‘Yes,” a producer quickly replied, before another producer off-screen screamed, “No!”

The show then went to a commercial break, with Joy Behar explaining once and for all what was happening when they show went back on air.

“OK, so since this is going to be a major news story any minute now, what happened is Sunny and Ana apparently tested positive for Covid,” Joy Behar said. “No matter how hard we try, these things happen, they probably have a breakthrough case. They’ll be OK, I’m sure, because they are both vaccinated up the wazoo.”

According to CNN, the hosts’ tables were then cleaned and disinfected. Both Anna Navarro and Sunny Hostin did not have any interaction with the Vice President before the show, and it remains unclear where they came in contact with the virus.

Sara Haines, the other remaining The View host, took over with Joy as they answered questions from the audience. Whoopi Goldberg, another co-host for The View, was reportedly not on set that day for Vice President Kamala Harris’ interview.

The interview with Kamala Harris never took place, however. The View “tap danced,” as Joy put it, through what would have been the interview segment of today’s show.

According to The New York Times, the Vice President was taken to “a remote location” and later joined the show for quick, 10 minute talk via satellite. Kamala Harris was also fully vaccinated, but wanted to take the necessary precautions to avoid the new breakthrough variant. She received both doses of the Moderna vaccine live on camera for CNBC to prove that it was safe and easy to receive.

“I hope that you’re in a safe spot right now,” Joy asked Kamala Harris when she appeared on the show via video later. “We did everything we could to make sure that you were safe because we value you so much.”

“Thank you, Joy, and to everyone,” the Vice President responded. “Listen, Sunny and Ana are strong women and I know they’re fine but it really also does speak to the fact that they’re vaccinated and vaccines really do make all the difference. Because otherwise, we would be concerned about hospitalization or worse.”

“I’ve been watching, like many of you, with heartache, with the videos of people who are in an ICU bed, who did not get vaccinated, pleading with their family members, ‘please get vaccinated,'” she said. “The vaccine is free. It is safe, and it will save your life. So folks just need to get vaccinated.”