Anastasia Petrova, a terminally ill Russian superfan of Jared Leto, couldn’t believe it when she received a call from the 30 Seconds to Mars singer on her 27th birthday.

“I can’t believe it, oh my god!” Anastasia Petrova excitedly told Jared Leto from her hospice care in Moscow. “I’m happy to see you! You’re talking to me! It’s amazing!”

Over an incredible FaceTime call, the House of Gucci and Morbius actor listened as she gushed about music, pets, and a full-size cardboard cutout of him that she has owned for over a decade. “He looks better than me,” Leto joked.

In video obtained by Page Six, Jared Leto asked how she was feeling, and she said, honestly, that she wasn’t feeling well. “Never mind that,” she told him. According to the hospital, Anastasia Petrova has been on morphine to help ease the pain of her terminal illness.

She over-excitedly got up to show the FaceTime call to her family present. The actor appeared to be outside on the street while on the call.

“I see you smiling and I’m happy you’re smiling,” Jared Leto told her. “I’m thinking about you over here and I’m happy to talk to you.”

He said that he wished he could be in Moscow to give her a big hug and told her to tell her family he had her in his thoughts. “You can give them a hug from me to them and I’ll be thinking of you over here,” he said.

“Okay, of course,” Anastasia said. “Thank you Jared.”

The incredible call was put together by Vera, a hospice care fund that works to help patients with terminal illnesses. Maxim, Anastasia Petrova’s brother, contacted Vera with the idea for the call, and the two spoke for over 10 minutes.

“My dream is for Jared to find out that there is this girl in Russia who is smart, beautiful, ambitious, and loving,” her brother Maxim told Vera. “Who believes in herself, in us, in the power of the [30 Seconds to] Mars family. I dream that she hears words of support, not only from me, her mom, and sisters, but also from her long-time idol and friend Jared Leto.”

The actor, who previously had a reputation for being very private, has been sharing a lot of his life with fans recently as he gears up for a very eventful year. Along with new 30 Seconds to Mars music, Jared Leto is set to star in three massive projects, including the Ridley Scott directed House of Gucci, alongside Lady Gaga. He will also appear in the Spider-Man villain spin-off film, Morbius, and the WeWork biopic series WeCrashed.

Just last week, the actor was accidentally stuck in a protest in Italy while visiting 30 Seconds to Mars bandmates, and shared footage of the event on social media. He has also been attending various New York Fashion Week shows, where he has been very pro-mask

In an Instagram video Thursday night, Jared Leto spoke with fans about the release of his new single “Wouldn’t Change a Thing” featuring Illenium, bringing them on Instagram Live to chat and meet him. He talked with fans from around the world, such as Mexico City, Kansas City, Sydney, China, and more.

He had fans promise him to “do something special” with their lives and thanked them for supporting his music and coming on to talk. “We’ve never done it before” he said of the ability to talk with fans from all over the globe. “It’s a real special thing.”