Anastasia Stoluk, a 10-year-old Ukrainian girl, was killed by bored, drunk Russian soldiers in a village near Kyiv. Her death was reported by her cousin, Anya Stoluk, 18, who told The Times of London that the Russian troops fired wildly after becoming intoxicated and fatally struck young Anastasia.

The tragic story comes after reports that Russian invaders are murdering everyone in their path, including women and children, as they inch closer to the capitol of Kyiv. Though Russian intelligence claimed that they are letting civilians flee if they choose, many conflicting reports have been published about families who have detailed their lost loved ones.

Anastasia Stoluk’s cousin Anya told The Times of London that Russian troops invaded her house last Monday, Feb. 28, and began firing wildly after believing that they “heard a gunshot.”

Their uncle was later sent to the hospital with injuries, having been struck by the incendiary fire, but Anastasia Stoluk, who’s nicknamed “Natya,” was killed immediately.

According to Anya’s adoptive mother, Vera Dmitrienko, not only has she not been able to get updates on the uncle’s condition, but she was not able to attend a funeral for Anastasia Stoluk. Russian troops refused her mother, Luba, from going to the cemetery, so she was forced to bury her daughter in the yard.

“People say that the soldiers just got so bored, Dmitrienko, 40, said. “They were even telling this to people in the village.”

“They looted all the stores in the village, of course they got a lot of alcohol from the stores and got drunk and started shooting,” she continued. “They were so drunk… so they just started shooting everywhere they could see. They shot in four houses and in one of those houses was Nastya.”

The U.K. paper did not comment on whether the civilians in the other homes Vera Dmitrienko mentioned were struck or killed, as well.

According to BBC News, roughly two million refugees have fled Ukraine for neighboring countries. Many of the people crossing into Warsaw, Poland, are women and children, and have faced waits of up to 24 hours. The United Nations Children’s Fund estimated that roughly 500,000 refugees are young children.

Irpin, a city just north of Kyiv, was hit by shells this weekend, resulting in numerous civilian deaths.

Russian Ministry of Defense spokesman Igor Konashenkov stated in response that “there are no obstacles to the exit of the civilian population by the Russian military,” and that “The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation take measures to ensure the security of the civilian population of Ukraine.”

Ukrainian citizens waiting in a subway station now serving as a bomb shelter
Ukrainian citizens waiting in a subway station now serving as a bomb shelter. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Irpin Mayor Oleksandr Markushyn told CNN, however, that eight civilians were killed in the assault, and that one of the motors hit a checkpoint of civilians fleeing the city.

“A family died, Markushyn said in an official statement to the press. “In front of my eyes, two small children and two adults died.”

Russia has fired a total of 600 missiles since the invasion of Ukraine began in late February, a senior US defense official told CNN, and most recently heavy shelling was reported outside of Kyiv.

NPR reported that many families in Poland have taken in Ukrainian refugees and foster children, partnering with SOS Children’s Village to help young kids flee the war.

Last week, a young girl named Polina in pink unicorn pajamas was killed, after Russian troops raided a local kindergarten in the small town of Okhtyrka.

“Show this to Putin,” a doctor told local reporters after Polina lost her life in the hospital. “The eyes of this child and crying doctors.”