The investigation into Anna Duggar’s husband, Josh, has taken a surprising turn. Federal investigators have discovered “accountability software,” on his home computer which allows people close to him to access his Internet history.

An agent involved in the investigation told Insider Magazine that the software “was registered to Duggar and his wife, Anna, and that Duggar had also installed a Tor browser to access the dark web and evade detection by Covenant Eyes.” This kind of software, typically used by those who have a sex addiction, allows Internet usage to be monitored and all information to be sent to a “trusted ally” – in this case his wife, Anna.

NY Daily News went looking into the Covenant Eyes website and found that the software ““periodically captures screenshots” of a person’s computer activity and analyzes them for “explicit imagery” using artificial intelligence.” Because Josh Duggar had created a password protected dark web browser, the software was not able to track his movements.

Covenant Eyes boasts an impressive 30,000+ reviews for their software. Founded nearly 20 years ago in Michigan, the company tries to help men fight porn addiction and establish communication and accountability with their partners. It is able to block and filter certain websites, such as porn sites and even mixed content sites like Reddit, from appearing on a user’s screen.

Duggar was originally arrested on April 29 under accounts of receipt and possession of child pornography. He has denied all allegations and when asked about the child pornography on his computer he gave no comment. According to People magazine, “Homeland Security Investigations Special Agent Gerald Faulkner, testifying for the prosecution, alleged Duggar downloaded computer files depicting child sex abuse on May 14, 15 and 16 of 2019.” The pornography found on his computer showed children ranging from 18 months to 12 years old.

He has since been released on bail after spending only a week in jail. The conditions of his bail say that he has no Internet access, he must stay with the Rebers, who are friends of the Duggar family, and he has to wear a GPS monitored anklet. He is not allowed any connect with minors, excluding his own children, and any visits with his children must have his wife present.

During his online hearing on Wednesday, Duggar’s attorneys asked the judge if he could be released into the custody of his immediate family. Judge Christy Comstock said “I cannot in good faith send you home.” Duggar is set to await trial, which is tentatively set for July 6. If he is found guilty he could face 40 years in prison.