Anna Marie Tendler and John Mulaney haven’t finalized their divorce yet. And he is reportedly getting increasingly anxious as Olivia Munn – who is pregnant with his baby – gets close to her due date.

The comedian has hired a new lawyer to handle his divorce with ex-wife Anna Marie Tendler. He is now represented by John Teitler of the Teitler & Teitler law firm. According to those close to John, he wants to speed up the divorce ahead of the birth of his new baby with Olivia Munn.

“John wants to speed things up and get the divorce done,” one source said. “He’s becoming a father, so he switched to a new law firm with a reputation of being tough and efficient.”

Teitler has a long list of powerful clients, and the firm is known for its big money deals. The firm previously represented Matt Lauer’s ex-wife Annette Roque and Harry B. Macklowe’s previous wife, Linda Macklowe.

Anna is represented by Eleanor B. Alter at Alter, Wolff & Foley. Their powerful list of clients include Mia Farrow, John Lennon and Uma Thurman.

Both law firms have yet to comment on the divorce battle that they will be taking part in.

John Mulaney is looking to speed up his divorce because of his new baby with actress Olivia Munn. (Credit:
John Mulaney is looking to speed up his divorce because of his new baby with actress Olivia Munn. (Credit:

John Mulaney and Anna announced their split in May after the comedian spent 60-days in rehab for cocaine and alcohol addiction. The announcement was sudden and fans were shocked that the couple of six years was divorcing.

After John asked Anna for the divorce, the artist said, “I am heartbroken that John has decided to end our marriage. I wish him support and success as he continues his recovery.”

Gossip columnist AJ Benza later claimed on his podcast, Fame Ain’t It A B***h, that Anna also entered rehab around the same time as her ex-husband. According to another source, Anna went for emotional and eating disorders. The source said, “She didn’t talk at all about that, we were all on our own journey of recovery. But it is clear she suffered during their marriage.”

After his split with Anna Marie Tendler, John Mulaney announced on Late Night With Seth Meyers that he was dating Olivia Munn and that she was pregnant. A due date has yet to be announced for the baby, and fans are unsure if the couple is having a boy or a girl.

“I went to rehab again, this time for two months. I got out in February. I lived in sober living for another month and a half. … Then, in the spring, I went to Los Angeles and met and started to date a wonderful woman named Olivia,” said John.

According to Olivia, her pregnancy was leaked way before she was ready for the world to know. She recently opened up about her pregnancy and said, “I’m super -nterested when people are pregnant. I want to see what they’re wearing… but when it’s happening to you and you feel like you have no control over when you announce, or what if something bad happens?” she added.

“What if I lose the baby, then it’s already been out there that I have it before I was ready to tell that information. Now I have to live with this. And the stress of that just compounded everything.”

This will be the first child for both John Mulaney and Olivia Munn. Their pregnancy was announced four months after the announcement of their relationship

According to the actress, she and John have a lot of the same ideas when it comes to their new bundle of joy. She said, “We talk about the same stuff — which rocker? What type of crib do you put the baby in? What does the baby wear?” she said of their debates. “Honestly, thank God for Instagram and Facebook and blogs because there’s a lot of moms who put out such great information, and that’s been a saving grace for me.”