John Mulaney asked his ex-wife Anna Marie Tendler for a divorce last winter. But after he announced that his girlfriend, Olivia Munn, is pregnant, fans are starting to wonder when his relationship with Olivia started. During an interview John told Seth Meyers about his quick, whirlwind romance. But the timeline isn’t adding up. Is it possible he cheated on Anna Marie Tendler with Olivia Munn during their marriage?

After John spent a good portion of September 2020 to February 2021 in rehab for cocaine and alcohol abuse, he and his ex-wife split. According to John’s timeline, he and Olivia started dating shortly after his breakup.

Anna Marie Tendler was married to John Mulaney for nearly seven years before the split.

Appearing on Late Night with Seth Meyers on Tuesday night, John Mulaney explained that he went to rehab in September, got out in October, and and then moved out of the house. “Then in the spring,” he said, after his breakup with Anna Marie Tendler, “I went to Los Angeles and met and started to date a wonderful woman named Olivia.”

“I got into this relationship that’s been really beautiful with someone incredible,” he said, later adding the announcement that they are, “having a baby together.”

“I love you, Seth,” he told Meyers during the show. “You guys saved me from drugs and Olivia and this baby have helped save me from myself. I don’t have a joke for that. I’m really grateful to you, buddy.”

While the story appears to be sound, some aspects of the new couple’s history remain up for question. Especially when exactly Olivia Munn got pregnant.

According to Page Six, a celebrity agent who has worked with Olivia Munn in the past, said they “don’t think it’s any coincidence that John broke the news of Olivia’s pregnancy the way he did in terms of basically giving a timeline of his past few months.”

“It seems to me that he is going to great lengths to dispute the idea that he cheated,” the source alluded.

There are also unconfirmed reports from last December that Anna Marie Tendler checked herself into rehab for a short stint of an eating disorder, rumored to be spurred by her husband’s alleged cheating.

“She didn’t talk at all about that, we were all on our own journey of recovery,” the source told Page Six of Anna Marie Tendler’s rehab experience. “But it is clear she suffered during their marriage.”

Back in February, Anna Marie released a statement saying that: “I am heartbroken that John has decided to end our marriage. I wish him support and success as he continues his recovery.”

According to John Mulaney’s story, he first met Olivia back in 2013 at Seth Meyers’ wedding to attorney Alexi Ashe. Olivia Munn was already in the Saturday Night Live scene at the time, since she was briefly dating SNL cast-member Will Forte. “I was just so obsessed with hanging out with and talking with him,” Munn said of Mulaney at the wedding.

She then tried to reach out to John via email, but said that he never responded. Somehow, the two “remained friendly” anyway.

In November 2017, the two were seen on camera together at Jon Stewart’s Night of Too Many Stars HBO special. When John passed Olivia on stage, she said “Hi, John” in a very flirtatious tone.

In a tweet from when John Mulaney was going through rehab in December, Olivia Munn sent out a message of support that many people are returning to now that the couple is together. “Sending SO MUCH love and support to John Mulaney,” she wrote. “You got this.”

Just last week, Olivia Munn was spotted outside sporting a baby bump, and was reportedly talking about the pregnancy with her friends as early as July. Many fans have commented that Olivia was wearing baggy, loose-fitting shirts much of the summer. So people are wondering if Olivia’s due date is sooner than John might want us to think.

Anna Marie Tendler has yet to comment any further, but sources close to her say that the pregnancy news will certainly be heartbreaking. A big question is: how far along is Olivia Munn in her pregnancy?

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