Anna Reed, a 22-year-old British Heiress to a racehorse breeder, was murdered by her boyfriend, Marc Schatzle, who was allegedly debt-ridden. Schatzle, 32, originally told the courts that he accidentally killed her in an “erotic game gone wrong” that led to the strangulation. But later reports found that he had taken her credit card to pay off his various debts. Now many believe that the murder was on purpose so he could get out of debt.

Known online as Marc Dirtywhite, a name that plays off a street term for cocaine, Marc Schatzle was a former bouncer from Germany who met Anna Reed while they were both vacationing in Thailand.

In April 2019, the couple checked into Hotel la Palma au Lac in Locarno, Switzerland, where Anna Reed was later reported dead due to strangulation. The autopsy later revealed that Anna Reed also had bruises and scratches all over her body.

Anna Reed and Marc Shatzle in Switzerland on Apirl 2019, the night of her murder
Anna Reed and Marc Shatzle in Switzerland on Apirl 2019, the night of her murder. Photo Credit: Facebook

“I put a towel around her neck and started kissing her,” Schatzle said of the alleged incident, “but she wanted more so I put my hand on the towel and pushed.”

According to the New York Post, guests heard a loud argument in their room before Marc Schatzle came downstairs to say that she was “feeling unwell.”

“I heard breaking glass and furniture being pushed noisily around the room,” one guest at the hotel said. “There was crying. A voice said, ‘You are killing me…’ I wanted to go and say something but thought it was too dangerous.”

The two had shared a $140 bottle of champagne over dinner, and the court was told that Anna Reed had been given some money as a birthday present from her multi-millionaire father. She had around £25,000 (roughly $34,000) in her bank account at the time.

“She liked sex clubs such as the Kit Kat in Berlin and drinking,” Schatzle explained. “She was British.”

Marc Schatzle, a father of two, had allegedly run up debts from drugs, clothes, and drinks, exceeding over $54,000.

Five months after her death, investigators on the case found Anna Reed’s credit card tucked into an elevator panel at the same Hotel la Palma au Lac in Switzerland, suspecting that Schatzle must have stolen it off her sometime before or after her murder. According to court documents, he had later claimed that he hid it in the elevator “as a joke.”

Appearing in court this month, Schatzle was charged with intentional homicide, theft, fraud, and various drug offenses.

Anna Reed In her Switzerland hotel room in April 2019, right before her murder
Anna Reed In her Switzerland hotel room in April 2019, right before her murder. Photo Credit: Facebook

Jennifer Birtwistle, a friend of Anna Reed’s and fellow-equestrian, said at the time that Anna, “never had a boyfriend in the ten years I knew her.”

She said that Anna Reed would rather have a horse than a boyfriend, but that she had had a time dealing with her mother’s death. “She was very talented but overnight she gave it all up,” Birtwistle recalled. “It was such a shame.”

According to court records, this was also not Schatzle’s first offense, as he was secretly serving an eight-month suspended sentence for assault in his home town of Jestetten, Germany, when he met Anna in Switzerland. He had also been convicted of burglary, was previously sentenced to six months in jail for a separate violent incident, and was also ordered to complete a stint of rehab for alcohol and drug abuse.

Despite this, The Daily Mail reported that Michele Bochsler, Schatzle’s former partner of eight years and mother of his two children, said that he had never been violent.

A message on Anna Reed’s Facebook page read after her death that the family hopes “that people who love Anna will find comfort in visiting her profile to remember and celebrate her life.” The Reed family has remained quiet on all other matters involving the case.