In a rare decision, accuser Annie Farmer testified on Friday under her real name, detailing how Ghislaine Maxwell and the late Jeffrey Epstein sexually violated her in 1996 when she was just 16 years old. Though others have testified under aliases and false names to keep their identity a secret, Annie Farmer and another accuser, Sarah Ransome, have bravely testified using their real names.

Testifying on Friday, Farmer revealed that she was recruited to Epstein’s New Mexico ranch after an invitation to help her academic career, but was later sexually assaulted by the financier and Maxwell. Though Jeffrey Epstein cannot be tried for his crimes after killing himself in prison back in 2019, Ghislaine Maxwell, his former girlfriend and “lady of the house,” is currently on trial for sex-trafficking women for Epstein, including minors.

WARNING: The descriptions of events below are extremely graphic and could be disturbing to viewers.

Taking the stand, Farmer, now 42, said that both Ghislaine and Epstein sexually abused her by entering her room without her permission and climbing into bed to fondle her breasts. She said that at age 16, the unwelcome groping and nude massage were uncomfortable and confusing.

She “just wanted the weekend to be over,” she said, testifying that she just “wanted to be done with it.”

“All these experiences made me feel like they had a very different interest in me,” she quickly realized, revealing in her testimony that Epstein and Maxwell recruited young girls under false pretenses to sexually abuse them in secluded, sprawling ranches, New York mansions, and private islands.

Ghislaine Maxwell, on trian for sex trafficking young women such as Annie Farmer, faces 35 years in prison
Ghislaine Maxwell, on trial for sex trafficking young women such as Annie Farmer, faces 35 years in prison. Photo Credit: BACKGRID

Ghislaine Maxwell, 59, has denied all the charges against her, including the claims that she groomed underage girls for Jeffrey Epstein.

Annie Farmer claimed that when she first met Epstein, he seemed “very friendly and down to Earth,” and even offered to help mentor her academic interests. Meeting with the billionaire financier at his New York mansion, she testified that he held her hand and rubbed her leg, which made her uncomfortable.

“I felt sick to my stomach,” she recalled. “It was not something I wasn’t expecting at all.”

She allegedly accepted an invitation to Epstein’s New Mexico ranch after she was told Ghislaine Maxwell would be there and that she would not be left alone with him. She claimed Maxwell insisted on giving her a massage that included exposing and rubbing her breasts. “It didn’t make sense to me that would happen,” she said.

Farmer testified that after Epstein climbed into bed with her without her permission and pressed his body against hers, she made an excuse to use the restroom and then stayed there until “this situation would be over.”

Ghislaine Maxwell, on trial for the sex trafficking of underage women, was described as Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘lady of the house'
Ghislaine Maxwell, on trial for the sex trafficking of underage women, was described as Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘lady of the house.’ Photo Credit: BACKGRID

Sarah Ransome, another accuser and author of the book Silenced No More: Surviving My Journey to Hell and Back, told the court a very similar story on Thursday. She described how Ghislaine would groom and prep underage girls into feeling safer around Jeffrey Epstein. This would eventually lead to them being sexually abused.

Testifying that Epstein raped her in 2006, Ransome revealed that it was often Ghislaine who would call her to Jeffrey’s room. She finally escaped the couple a year later, trapped in the world of sex trafficking.

“I have so many examples of how Ghislaine not only tortured me and abused me, but other survivors,” Ransome stated. “She walked over to me, and she said, ‘Jeffrey wants you.’ And I completely froze… she grabbed my arm and marched me into Jeffrey’s room, where I was then raped.”

“So when she says that she had nothing to do and she had no idea, she was a facilitator,” Ransome continued. “She was Jeffrey’s right-hand woman. She orchestrated everything.”

If convicted, Ghislaine Maxwell faces up to 35 years in prison.