Anthony Casasanta got some backlash for comments he made during an episode of “The No Filter Podcast.” But he refuses to apologize.

According to Casasanta, he would leave his future wife if she ever gained weight and “let herself go,” after having their children. Casasanta’s co-hosts, Nick Casasanta and Jason Girratano, agreed with him.

During the episode, he said, “If my wife lets herself go after I have kids with her, I’m going to tell her, once: ‘If you don’t get your s–t together… If you can’t do that, I’m out. I still want to be sexually attracted to my wife, to my spouse … Girlfriend, too.”

“The No Filter Podcast,” was launched just last month by the Casasanta brothers and Girratano. Their motto is “enjoy the controversy,” and with all the negative comments on their last video, the podcast certainly has some controversy.

The future wife video has gotten over 2 million views on TikTok and many of the commenters are outraged by Casasanta’s opinions. Since the video went viral, the comments section was disabled by the hosts, but that hasn’t stopped people from letting Anthony Casasanta know how angry they are with him.

TikTok user Chance Terry, who goes by @chancejterry, created a whole video response for Anthony Casasanta and his friends. He began his video and said, “It’s way too f–king early for this s–t. I don’t know why the algorithm sent you my way but here we go.”

Terry went on to say that Casasanta’s comments were controlling and manipulative and that no one will live her life specifically to satisfy his wants and needs when they are so unrealistic.

He said, “Wake the f–k up, man. Nobody else is living their life specifically for your wants and needs. Like, do the s–t that makes you happy, but don’t impose your unrealistic expectations and regulations on someone else’s life. That’s called manipulation. That’s called control. And forgive the living f–k out of me, but this just screams, ‘I don’t have an emotionally intimate bone in my body.”

Terry’s response video got over 1 million views and many comments are calling out the podcasters for their misogynistic views. One person said, “The fact that dad bods are a thing while women are expected to stay fit and thin after multiple pregnancies… says all you need to know.”

Anthony Casasanta future wife
People are angry with Anthony Casasanta after his last episode of “The No Filter Podcast.” The host said he would leave his future wife if she gained weight after pregnancy. (Credit: Instagram)

The podcast debate found its way over to Instagram and was commented on by body confidence influencer, Alex Light. The former UK cover star of Cosmopolitan said, “This might be one of the worst things I’ve seen for a long time and 60 seconds is nowhere near enough time for me to fully express how sh**ty what this man is saying is. Women don’t owe men anything.”

Light continued to bash the podcasters in a video and said that the expectations for their future wives are unrealistic, especially with all the work women do to produce that baby. She said, “What you’re saying then is that when you get married, you’re not looking for a partnership. That’s not what you want. You want to own and control your wife. You want her to look and behave a certain way, your way, you want her to conform to your standards, and if she doesn’t, she’s gone. What a f**king idiot.”

Despite the controversy, Anthony Casasanta and his fellow podcasters have spoken out and said they don’t regret what they said. “The No Filter Podcast,” hosts released a statement saying they are allowed to have opinions and that if people don’t like what they said, then they don’t have to watch.

The men later said that their comments about women’s weight after pregnancy were taken out of context and that they had to turn off the comments on their TikTok videos because they were getting death threats due to their opinions.

They said, “We were talking years down the line after childbirth. We just don’t want our wives to be obese,” he told The Post. “We feel as if society promotes obesity which is a very unhealthy and uncomfortable way of living. We promote healthy lifestyles here at NoFilterPod.”

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