Anthony Chacon and other protesters have been arrested outside the Kenosha Court House as protests erupted during the second day of jury deliberations for the Kyle Rittenhouse case. Pro-Rittenhouse supporters and Black Lives Matter protesters started fighting on the steps of the building and many people were arrested.

Police and other members of the Kenosha, Wis. community have been preparing themselves for riots as anxieties continue to spike during the trial. The jury has not reached a verdict during the third day of deliberation.

Chacon was arrested after he body slammed a reporter. He was wearing a “F–k Kyle” T-shirt when police took him into custody and he is being charged with felony bail jumping, misdemeanor bail jumping, battery, resisting and disorderly conduct. The bail jumping is related to a prior criminal record, which includes charges of disorderly conduct in Sept. 2020. and intended bodily harm from Dec. 2020.

Witnesses also saw the 20-year-old throwing multiple news cameras to the ground before he was restrained by Kenosha police.

Anthony Chacon is also being accused of shouting vulgar slurs at a Pro-Rittenhouse protester. According to witnesses, Chacon called the female protester a meth head and was holding a poster with a photo of her mugshot on it. He had written on the poster, “EMILY CAHILL CONVICTED FELON POSSESSION METH AMMO HANDGUN.”

While the two protesters exchanged vulgar slurs at each other, another protester tried to steal her signs before Anthony Chacon threw his sign at her, which caused a fight to break out on both sides.

A 34-year-old woman was also arrested during the second day of deliberations. Shaquita Cornelious is charged with resisting, disorderly conduct, and marijuana possession.

After their arrests, the Kenosha Sheriff’s Department released a statement informing the public about how they should act outside the court house so everyone can be safe during the Kyle Rittenhouse trial. They said, “The Kenosha Sheriff’s Department and the Kenosha Police Department fully recognized the importance of media coverage surrounding the trial. The media and the public have a responsibility to give space to law enforcement and allow them to perform their duties. Please do so.”

With the trial still going on, many businesses in Kenosha are preparing for the worst. They know that no matter the outcome, someone will be upset and riots are possible.

Many of the local businesses on 6th Avenue between 56th and 57th streets had to deal with damage from protesting last Aug. 2020 when a white officer shot a Black resident and paralyzed him. Owners are not willing to deal with the same kind of damage.

The Aug. 2020 riots were the same protests where Kyle Rittenhouse shot three men and killed two on the streets of the town.

Lyna Postuchow, owner of local flower shop A Summer’s Garden, watched on surveillance footage as protesters broke her front door and windows last summer costing her over $10,000 worth of damage. She’s concerned that Kenosha could see problems again – no matter what the verdict.

“Nobody wants a repeat of last summer. Those were not Kenosha people. That’s not who caused us damage,” Postuchow said.

Numerous businesses were closed on Monday and owners have started to board up their windows and protect themselves. Some decided to stay open, but they are still waiting to see what happens next.

Gus Harris, owner of Flex & Burn Fitness Center, is getting ready to board up his gym. He believes that doing so will keep the community safer if riots do erupt.

Some believe that a verdict on the Kyle Rittenhouse trial will be reached by the end of the week.