Wide Receiver Antonio Brown confused fans after he released a rap song following a mid-game meltdown that seemed to get him kicked off the team.

Taking his jersey off mid-field and storming to the locker room, shirtless, the football player shocked fans when he later released a new song entitled “Pit Not the Palace” through a link on Twitter instead of addressing the controversy.

“I’ve been sittin’ back waiting for the moment/Man, to see you run down the field again, brother,” he said on the song’s intro. “I told you from day one, this was gon’ be a tough move/You made it, you’ve came through the fire.”

The new song doesn’t address anything specific about Sunday’s incident, as it was probably recorded and planned for release way beforehand, but fans still questioned the strange timing. Was his meltdown all in promotion of the new single?

“So if Antonio brown planned this whole thing just to release a rap song… what do we do,” joked Lindsey Yok, an NFL analyst, on Twitter.

“If Antonio Brown pulled that stunt to drop his new song, this might be the greatest/sickest rollout of all time! 😭😭😭😭,” another fan commented.

Before his mid-game meltdown on Sunday, Antonio Brown was a wide receiver for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Before his mid-game meltdown on Sunday, Antonio Brown was a wide receiver for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

If the move was all promotion for his new song, it just might have cost him his job on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. When asked about what happened on the field that day, Tampa Bay coach Bruce Arians frustratingly stated that Antonio was “no longer a Buc.”

“That’s the end of the story,” he said in a press conference after the team was still able to walk away with a win. “Let’s talk about the guys who went out there and won the game.”

Antonio Brown later posted a photo of himself on Instagram writing, “Big MAD (Making A Difference). Thanks for the opportunity 🤙🏽🐝,” confusing fans more than when he wrote “Super Gremlin” on Twitter just two hours before dropping “Pit Not the Palace.”

The cryptic messages prompted many fan theories and reactions on social media, questioning not just what occurred at Sunday’s game to tick him off but also what Antonio Brown’s future will be like in the NFL, if at all?

Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network told reporters at Bleacher Report that Brown told the Buc’s offensive staff that he did not feel healthy enough to play in the game Sunday, but the coaches kept him in anyway. Brown was recovering from an ankle injury, and he previously missed several weeks and was limited at training.

“What he told the staff, from what I understand, is that he was not going into the game because, in his mind, he did not feel he was healthy,” Rapoport said. “The response then from the offensive coaches and from Bruce Arians was, ‘If you are not gonna go into the game when we tell you to go into the game, then you cannot be here.’ At that point, they threw him off the sidelines and then cut him from the team.”

Antonio Brown has also been under investigation by the NFL under claims that he and two other members of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers submitted fake vaccination cards to the league’s health and safety protocols. Brown remained firm in stating that he was vaccinated, however, as did the team and coaching staff.

Though his mid-game meltdown was possibly the last game of his career, Antonio Brown reportedly has many other projects in the works, including a Netflix show and a fashion line.

His personal driver posted live videos as he apparently drove Antonio from the Jets stadium to New York City with Brown discussing his potential Netflix documentary before dropping his new song.

He also posted an ad for his upcoming Fashion Nova line, writing, “Football is what we do, not who we are.”

Whatever the football legend does next, we certainly haven’t heard the last of Antonio Brown.