Authorities have identified the suspect from Thursday night’s Greyhound bus shooting in northern California as Asaahdi Coleman. The 21-year-old gunman reportedly acted erratically before opening fire in the Greyhound terminal, where he killed one person and injured another four before being taken into custody.

Occurring in Oroville, CA, roughly 65 miles north of Sacramento, the shooting started as passengers from the Los Angeles-bound bus stopped at a local convenience store. Asaahdi Coleman opened fire and killed a 43-year-old woman, though none of the victims’ names were released to the public.

Investigators going over what happened Thursday night described Coleman’s behavior as erratic and paranoid, meaning that the victims in the Greyhound bus shooting were likely not targeted with a specific motive.

The other victims included a 25-year-old pregnant woman in critical condition, a 32-year-old man in critical condition with multiple gunshot wounds, an 11-year-old girl in stable condition, and a 28-year-old man released with minor injuries.

“This was a horrible tragedy that was visited upon our community, said Sheriff Kory Honea. “Another tragedy that we’re having to deal with and endure. Certainly, my heart goes out to all the people that were on the bus as well as the victims in this case.”

He stated that police arrived to the scene at around 7:30 p.m. in response to a 911 call. Officers recovered over a dozen 9mm bullet casings on the bus, and later found the gun chucked into a nearby construction site. There were also bullet holes through the front windshield.

Asaahdi Coleman, the Greyhound bus shooter, was wanted for arrest in Alameda County on charges of illegal possession of a firearm
Asaahdi Coleman, the Greyhound bus shooter, was wanted for arrest in Alameda County on charges of illegal possession of a firearm. Photo Credit: Alameda County Police Department

Speaking with witnesses on the scene, investigators learned that Asaahdi Coleman boarded the bus at Reading and told passengers next to him that he had a gun in his bag to protect him from the “dangerous city” of Los Angeles.

Coleman apparently got agitated after passengers served him distressing looks and reportedly accused one of them of being an undercover cop who was out to get him. However, there were no plain clothes officers on board.

After the shooting, Asaahdi Coleman allegedly fled to a nearby Walmart and got into a fight with another customer at the store.

According to Sheriff Honea, Coleman displayed “what could best be described as paranoid behavior.”

After the brief verbal altercation with another Walmart customer, he began to walk away and take off his clothes. He was arrested, fully naked, shortly after.

District Attorney David Ramsey described Coleman as living a “somewhat transient life,” and an individual with a juvenile criminal record. A warrant was out for his arrest in Alameda County for possession of a firearm. According to authorities, he should have never been able to purchase a firearm, if that’s how he procured the weapon.

“This particular individual in no way shape or form should have been in possession of a firearm,” Sheriff Honea stated, “and as Mr. Ramsay noted, there is a previous history of this individual, who is merely 21, engaged in this kind of conduct.”

He was on probation for the illegal possession of a firearm charge, filed back in July 11, which may have explained his paranoia on the bus about officers looking for him and his gun.

Dorthy Underwood, a Greyhound customer, spoke with ABC News as she boarded the next Greyhound bus, telling reporters that it was “awful.”

“I could’ve been on that bus. I could’ve been one that was shot,” she said. “People don’t deserve that kind of stuff, you know… I can’t understand somebody who would do something so stupid.”