Ashley Iaconetti is pregnant! Even better, her dream guy, Jared Haibon, is the father. Bachelor Nation is going crazy after two Bachelor in Paradise alums made a huge announcement during an Amazon Live stream. Ashley Iaconetti, who searched for love on multiple seasons of the Bachelor franchise, is having a baby with her best friend and true love, Jared Haibon. According to the couple, Ashley is 10 weeks along and will likely introduce their baby to the world in February.

The 33-year-old beauty and her beau, Jared, 32, are excited to welcome the new addition to their family, though they don’t know the gender yet. The couple explained Thursday that an upcoming doctor’s appointment will reveal the baby’s sex, but it seems the two are crossing their fingers for a boy.

On the livestream, Ashley Iaconetti and her hubby said they have a boy’s name picked out – though they didn’t drop it just yet. The couple admitted that they’re finding it hard to pick a girl’s name, but claimed they are hard at work brainstorming the perfect title, just in case the baby’s a “she.”

Ashley Iaconetti is finally pregnant! The Bachelor In Paradise alum is having baby #1 with her best friend and hubby, Jared Haibon.
Ashley Iaconetti is finally pregnant! The Bachelor In Paradise alum is having baby #1 with her best friend and hubby, Jared Haibon. Photo Credit: Instagram

The massive reveal – which occurred at 1:30 Thursday during a planned Amazon Live stream – was nothing short of extraordinary for Bachelor fans. Still, there was more to the announcement than a happily ever after. Now that Ashley is sporting a baby bump she’s not feeling great. Like most pregnancies, the reality star has been experiencing morning sickness. The reality star said the queasy feeling is happening 24/7, not just the morning!

“It’s been a hard time, guys,” Ashley Iaconetti claimed to her fans, accompanied by Jared. Despite the physical hardships, it seems the couple is ready to take on the challenge.

 “It’s weird to say we’re gonna be parents,” Jared Haibon said. “When does it sink in?”

According to the father-to-be, it happens now! “I felt like a dad today for the first time,” Jared told the viewers. “I’m learning so much.”

He continued, saying that “we have an appointment next week where we’re going to find out the sex of the baby. It will be cool when we go. We can see, like, a foot.”

The big announcement was made weeks after the couple first learned they were expecting, so fans were a little disappointed they missed the heartwarming moment the couple found out. Ashley and Jared confirmed that fans will get to share in the excitement they felt during the initial reveal. The couple plans to post a video on their Instagram accounts late Thursday, showing the moment they first found out that the Bachelor-baby was on the way.

Bachelor-baby on board! Ashley and Jared can't wait to introduce baby #1 with a due date in February.
Bachelor-baby on board! Ashley and Jared can’t wait to introduce baby #1 with a due date in February. Photo Credit: Instagram

Baby number one is a long time coming for the pair, who first met on Bachelor in Paradise in 2015. Jared Haibon admitted last year, just after the two tied the knot, that they hoped to add a third member of the family very soon. The couple got married in 2019 and spent their first holiday as a couple in December. They said something was missing.

“We talk about it a lot,” Jared told ET Online. “We both want kids, but I think we’re going to wait until next year.”

That “next year” turned into two, though fans aren’t complaining about the wait. Instead, Bachelor Nation is just happy the couple was able to conceive.

Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon’s relationship is like something out of a rom-com. The two first met in 2015 while on Bachelor in Paradise, but both hearts just weren’t in it. It was like Deja-vu when the two met again in 2016 on another Season of Bachelor in Paradise, though that ultimately ended in a friendship – close, but no cigar.

It wasn’t until after Ashley dated and broke up with Kevin Wendt that she and Jared began dating. Months later the couple got engaged and finally had their happily ever after during their fabulous 2019 wedding. As the pair close in on their second anniversary, they know have a little boy or girl to look forward to.

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