Asli Ilhan claims that she became disfigured after a laser face-lift went wrong. The Turkish woman said that her beautician became distracted during the treatment after she got into an argument with her boyfriend. The laser face-lift took place in November 2020, and it left Ilhan with permanent scars.

“People sometimes make mistakes, but [on this occasion] I paid a high price,” Ilhan said. “I am facing a bigger problem than saggy skin now. I have a lot of trouble with the marks on my face. I feel awful.”

Ilhan claimed that during the treatment she felt an intense burning on her skin that only got worse when she got home. She tried to fix the problem with creams and another treatment at a different salon, but it did nothing to help the scars on her face.

Asli Ilhan claimed that she became permanently disfigured after a laser face-lift. The Turkish woman filed a complaint against the salon. (Credit: Twitter)
Asli Ilhan claimed that she became permanently disfigured after a laser face-lift. The Turkish woman filed a complaint against the salon. (Credit: Twitter)

Asli Ilhan, who lives in the Muratpasa region of Antalya, Turkey, filed a complaint with the court and said that she suffered both physical and mental distress because of her scars. A judge ruled that the Turkish woman was a victim of negligence. The court ruled that the salon had to pay Ilhan $260 in 10 installments.

Ilhan and her lawyer said that the payment was not enough for the pain and suffering that she got from the salon.

“Not only was my face badly burned, but I had a lot of psychological distress during this period as well,” she said. “The pain I’ve suffered in one year will be compensated with a small fine paid over 10 installments. I absolutely do not accept this decision.”

Her lawyer, Suleyman Kesici, slammed the court’s decision and said the payment was not good enough for his client.

He said, “The court issued a penalty of TRY 3,360, and this penalty will be paid in 10 installments. But we think that the penalty for burning a person’s face in a way that leaves obvious marks is not a judicial fine.”

It is not clear if the Turkish court will overrule the decision, and give her a bigger settlement for her distress. Asli Ilhan also reportedly demanded her money back from another salon after a treatment failed to heal her scars. The status of her second claim is unknown.

A famous case of plastic surgery disfigurement happened to Linda Evangelista. In Sept. 2021, the former supermodel sued CoolSculpting for a botched treatment that left her permanently disfigured.

In her $50 million lawsuit, she said that CoolSculpting left her with hard, painful masses of fat under her skin which made her unable to continue her career in modeling. The model said that she was never told about the dangers of the treatment.

“To my followers who have wondered why I have not been working while my peers’ careers have been thriving, the reason is that I was brutally disfigured by Zeltiq’s CoolSculpting procedure which did the opposite of what it promised,” said Linda Evangelista.

Since she announced her lawsuit, the model has been supported by other women who claim that CoolSculpting left them with the same disfigurement. A 47-year-old woman from New Jersey said that the procedure left her with similar hard masses that have been very upsetting to her.

“CoolSculpting left me with something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy,” said Rae-Shan Barclift. “I feel depressed and betrayed.”

A court has not ruled in the lawsuit of Linda Evangelista. Five other women have spoken out about their similar experiences with the plastic surgery treatment.