Bailey McPherson and her husband Zac have gone viral after the Christian couple shared the strict rules in their marriage. The marriage rules include not being friends with the opposite sex and not watching porn. The TikTok video has been shared by millions and heavily criticized.

The California couple has since defended the rules, saying they stand by their marriage decisions. The couple has been married for three years and they have a 1-year-old daughter.

In her video, which she titled, “Rules my husband and I have for our marriage that make people ANGRY,” Bailey McPherson explained that her marriage rules include, no friends with the opposite sex, no “work gfs/bfs,” no being alone with the opposite sex, no texting the opposite sex without your spouse knowing, and no lusting after others, which includes following scandalous pages and watching porn.

The couple also said that they must put each other first, even before their own parents.

The video has been viewed over 2.1 million times and McPherson had to shut down the comments section because of all the backlash she was getting. Some of the comments bashed the couple and said that their rules are “absolutely insane.”

One person wrote, “Tell me you don’t trust your partner without telling me you don’t trust your partner.”

Many commenters have called Bailey insecure and criticized her for trying to limit who her husband spends time with.

Bailey McPherson received a lot of backlash on social media after she shared a TikTok video that explained some of the rules she has in her marriage. (Credit: Instagram)

The California mom of one has opened up about her marriage rules and explained the reasoning behind them. She said that she and Zac stand by their relationship decisions and that she doesn’t “expect non-Christians to understand Christian marriages.”

The Christian mom also made another TikTok video and said, “Because I personally feel like as a married woman, I have no need for a companionship with another man that I cannot get with my husband. My husband has no need for a companionship with another woman that he cannot get from his wife.”

On the topic of porn, Bailey said that removing those videos from a marriage can help increase intimacy between partners. They also remove unrealistic body standards and help the couple to create better habits together.

Another person took to the Tiktoker’s video and said “Lmao, the fact you think these rules will keep a person faithful shows how delusional you are. A person will do what they want to do.”

She then went on to say that by not watching porn, they are making sure they don’t support an industry that fuels sex trafficking and rape. She feels, in her own way, she’s helping make the world a better place by not supporting the industry.

The Christian couple is standing by their marriage rules despite being bashed on social media. (Credit: Instagram)

The Christian mom said these rules are not about being strict. In her opinion, they are about the trust they have in their marriage. Bailey said, “To me and my husband it would be a red flag if my partner could not respect said boundaries.”

Since their video went viral, people have been pointing out other couples who have similar rules to Bailey and her husband. It was revealed in 2017, that former VP Mike Pence is not allowed to have a meal with another woman without his wife being there.

Like Bailey, many social media commenters criticized the former VP for what seemed like an excessive rule. But some people said that it’s important to set boundaries with your partner.

Fran Walfish, a relationship psychologist, came out in support of the Pences at the time and said, “A lot of cheating episodes occur when boundaries have not been clearly set. I think it’s excellent that Mike Pence and his wife have taken the time and care to clearly delineate boundary lines that are mutually comfortable.”

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