Bennifer is all we have on our minds these days. They seem to be getting more serious, and just in time for summer! J.Lo brought her new (or should we say old?) lover to an incredible mansion in Miami, where the two have been moving one step closer to living together. The 10,000-square-foot house was rented to J.Lo and Ben Affleck by Paul Morelli, who purchased it last month for $18 million.

After J.Lo and Ben’s romantic getaway to a Montana resort, we weren’t quite sure how serious the relationship was. After all, it was the perfect rebound. Break off her engagement to A-Rod just to go back to her other ex-fiance? Well, it seems like this is more than a revenge romance or fling.

In the photos from Ben and Jen’s recent stay in Miami, J.Lo quite literally seems to be worshipping her new life. She can be seen meditating outside of the pool in a flowy white romper as Ben looks on from a balcony.

J.Lo and Ben Affleck are getting serious again
J.Lo and Ben Affleck are getting serious again! Photo credit: Featureflash Photo Agency /

As Bennifer gives the world a blast from the past, Ben and Jen seem to be enjoying the nostalgia, too. Ben Affleck was seen wearing the famous silver chain watch that he wore in J.Lo’s music video “Jenny From The Block” and Jen couldn’t have looked happier.

So how long has J.Lo known that Ben was the man for her? An insider said that Ben was emailing her long before J.Lo broke things off with her ex A-Rod.  “He was basically checking up on her,” said the source. “He was single and thought she might be single, too.” 

She wasn’t, but J.Lo didn’t take very long before ending her relationship with A-Rod. Now the actress is taking time out of her busy schedule and family life to rekindle things with Ben across the country.

“They will travel back and forth as much as they can to make things work,” a source from People shared. “They don’t want to hide anymore. They are both excited about their relationship. They want to make sure they do everything they can to make this work. Jennifer is incredibly happy. She feels like she can just be herself around Ben.”