Beth Davis, a 61-year-old Boston woman with Stage 4 breast cancer, is determined to find love for her daughter Molly. In fact, she’s willing to do (almost) anything to discover her daughter’s soulmate.

Davis had placed her daughter’s photo and profile on a dating app called Wingman, which allows friends and family to look for partners for their single loved ones. But then the mom took things to the next level. The dating profile became a Times Square billboard!  

A Diagnosis and Sense of Urgency

Beth Davis was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004. For several years it seemed to be treatable with chemotherapy. But in June 2020 Beth Davis learned that the breast cancer had entered Stage 4, that it had spread to her bones, and that she likely would not have a lot of time left with her husband, a 62-year-old medical writer, Rick, Molly or her brother.

Rick and Beth Davis (who also have a happily married son) would like to be able to walk Molly down the aisle together at her wedding.

Wingman’s founder, Tina Wilson, learned of the family story and of the urgency that Beth Davis found in finding an appropriate relationship for Molly. “She still is focused with love and attention for her daughter and so I wanted to help her accelerate that search and find someone great,” Wilson said.  

It was Tina Wilson’s idea to expand the search to the Times Square billboard (which includes a link to the app.)  

As Beth Davis describes her daughter, “Molly has always spent a lot of time selflessly with us, including taking a leave of absence to fly to New Zealand [where I was] when I was diagnosed. And Molly, like many young people, these Covid years interrupted their social life, so I really wanted to help her find someone special.”

Davis also praises her daughter’s sunny disposition: her “glass half full” attitude.   

On the Wingman app, Beth Davis has added that Molly Davis “has strong determination to balance fun, fitness, and new experiences. I want to know I’m leaving her in good hands.”  

Molly has traditional ideas about what an appropriate relationship will be. She wants someone who “makes me laugh and is a good communicator,” she says. She sees a model in her parents’ relationship, “My mom and dad are leaning on each other,” she adds. “That’s what I’m looking for.”

Davis acknowledges that she is trying to push things along, but she will defer to her daughter to “tell me when she has met ‘The One.’”

She wants to see The One “surrounded by … lovely family” and to see the couple “plan their own cool adventures.”

Shining in Times Square

Molly will continue to shine in Times Square, sometimes referred to as the “crossroads of the world,” until Jan. 25. A smaller photo of Beth is on that billboard, too, with a quote describing herself as her daughter’s wingman.

The billboard is right next to one featuring the 18-year-old singer-songwriter Olivia Rodrigo, who is promoting her new album “Sour.”

“Poor Olivia,” Beth said. expressing a maternal opinion. “My daughter outshines her.” There are a lot of people for whom she is now shining. By some estimates, 330,000 people pass through Times Square each day.

Poor Olivia may receive a consolation prize this spring when the Grammy Awards are bestowed. Her album has been nominated for “Album of the Year.”