Bill Cosby is working on new creative projects, according to his spokesman, Andrew Wyatt, including a TV show. Social media users were up in arms Friday after the news broke, with many still outraged that the serial sexual predator was released from prison in the first place. Many claimed they would boycott any projects Cosby works on.

According to Andrew Wyatt, who has been at Bill Cosby’s side for years, “things are happening. He’s working on a number of projects right now, a number of ideas for a TV show that has him on the phone with producers, working with guys every day.”

The spokesman explained that Cosby is “giving his creative ideas and input.” Wyatt also said that his client has “been working on this particular project now for a year and a half. When he was a resident of SCI Phoenix he would have phone calls with producers.”

Bill Cosby is working on a new TV show. Social media users were outraged that the comedian is allowed to work in the entertainment industry again.
Bill Cosby is working on a new TV show. Social media users were outraged that the comedian is allowed to work in the entertainment industry again. Photo Credit: Randy Miramontez /

It was also announced that Cosby is working on a book. The former “America’s Dad” has been “on the phone almost every day for the book as well.” His spokesman said that “he’s working” despite the rape accusations, the former conviction, and subsequent jail time.

“That’s why people don’t see him as much,” Wyatt explained of Bill Cosby’s absence from the spotlight. “When he was at SCI Phoenix it wasn’t our time so phone calls would be probably two, three times a week for that kind of stuff. Now he has the time. He can speak freely when he wants to.”

“That’s his primary focus since he’s gotten out,” Wyatt continued. He wanted “to come out and be able to have projects and to work with people who want to work with him.”

Most of Cosby’s projects, including the TV show, have remained a secret. The spokesman refused to divulge any information. It wasn’t clear, however, if the secrecy was to protect Cosby or the projects, as many would be unwilling to partake in entertainment mediums produced or worked on by the alleged serial rapist.

Once the news broke that Cosby was working on projects, the backlash on social media was immediate. According to one Twitter user, “all those who have a little dignity on themselves, won’t watch his show.” Another sarcastically asked: “What’s it about… how to rape a woman and get away with it?”

The response from Cosby haters was massive, with many claiming they would boycott any production that he works on. “I’m NOT watching it!!” one user exclaimed on Twitter. “I’m utterly disgusted by how that man treated women who looked up to him. It’s NOT okay.”

Another user tweeted that “the show is called ‘I have no shame.’”

Many believe that Bill Cosby being allowed to work in the entertainment industry again is a crime in itself. Despite the overturned conviction, many are adamant that the former Cosby Show star is guilty.

It was announced in July that Bill Cosby was ready to get back into comedy – the stage on which his career began. It was previously reported that the comedian spent his first night out of prison performing “comedy routines.” Anthony Wyatt told Fox News at the time that his client “wants to get back on stage sooner or later.”

Back in June, Bill Cosby was released from prison after spending more than two years in prison. His sexual assault conviction was overturned by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court due to a “process violation” by the prosecution. He had previously been found guilty of drugging and molesting Andrea Constand, a former basketball player.

Why was Bill Cosby's conviction overturned? Pennsylvania's Supreme Court ruled there was a 'process violation.'
Why was Bill Cosby’s conviction overturned? Pennsylvania’s Supreme Court ruled there was a ‘process violation.’ Photo Credit: Randy Miramontez /

Bill Cosby was reportedly “overjoyed” when he was released from prison. Many who followed the case closely, however, were not as ecstatic. The actor was publicly accused of sexual assault and rape by dozens of women.

Cosby was freed because of a “process violation” on behalf of the prosecution. Cosby’s lawyers reportedly made an agreement to a previous state prosecutor that their client would not be charged. On the day he was released, Wyatt explained that “on this hot day – this is a hot verdict for us.”

He continued, explaining that “Mr. Cosby has always used his celebrity and his name to uplift women… How could a man who is being watched by the FBI every day be raping and drugging women… especially a black man?”

“But as we have always said, this is bigger than Bill Cosby,” Wyatt continued. “This is about reforming the criminal justice system.”