Blake Moynes and Justin Glaze are Katie Thurston’s final two. The Bachelorette has narrowed it down to the amazing pair of guys and fans are anxiously awaiting tonight’s episode to see who will take the crown, her heart, and the final rose!

But how do they compare? Let’s dive into Katie’s last men standing before the epic conclusion on ABC tonight.  

The Bachelorette Season 17 spoilers and predictions. Who Ends Up With Katie Thurston? You'll never guess!
Who gets the final rose? Blake versus Justin… the game is on.

Justin Glaze s. Blake Moynes

Katie’s heart is broken after last week’s episode, and it’s up to Justin or Blake to fix it. Justin Glaze has been around the entire season and Blake Moynes made a late debut. Who will capture Katie’s heart?

Blake Moynes has been deemed the Bachelorette crasher. It’s a wedding crasher but way more dramatic. Blake has tried his hand at Bachelorette love before. He was on Clare Crawley’s season before she ran away with Dale Moss. The disappointing end wasn’t really the end for Blake, and now he’s a contender for Katie’s final rose.

The Bachelor Nation veteran is well-known to fans. He’s a 29-year-old wildlife manager who posts pictures with all his pets on social media. He is currently shacking up in Ontario, Canada, and many fans think he’s a “purr-fect” match for the cat-loving Katie. Sparks have flown for a while between the two but things have to happen quickly. Blake admitted that he is the last single guy in his friend group – awkward!

Even though Blake Moynes and Katie Thurston are a match made in heaven, Justin Glaze is trying his best to win over his lady love. Justin is a 27-year-old investment sales consultant from Ellicott City in Baltimore, Maryland. He has been a fan favorite in Season 17 and won Katie’s heart with an extraordinary painting of their future together. Will Justin’s extraordinary talents be enough to beat out Blake Moynes?

But wait … is there another contender?

Greg Grippo Lost His Grip

While Greg Grippo made a stunning departure on last week’s episode of The Bachelorette, the entrepreneur – and season-long frontrunner – is expected to make a return in the final episode. Though his decision seemed final, fans speculate that the end is not really the end.

The marketing sales rep took his leave after a romantic hometown in New Jersey. Greg and Katie shot some hoops in the cutest date possible, but Katie Thurston just couldn’t say the “L” word soon enough.

Bachelorette Final Four 2021 Spoilers
Greg Grippo made a stunning departure during last week’s episode. He left a huge void in Katie’s heart that either Blake Moynes or Justin Glaze will have to fill. Photo credit: ABC

After their hometown-date disaster, Greg Grippo turned his back on Katie, telling her that he’s not happy with how she treated him. After he left Katie Thurston, declared that she was through with The Bachelorette. The episode ended with an absolutely heart-wrenching goodbye, but what does that mean for our final two?

While Greg Grippo lost his grip on Katie, he was the season-long frontrunner and Katie’s “Number One.” Will Justin Glaze or Blake Moynes be enough to change Katie’s mind? Or will he come back for more Bachelorette glory?

Justin Glaze: First Kiss! Final Rose?

Justin Glaze’s artsy talents were enough to score him a brilliant first kiss with Katie. He stole Season 17’s first smooch, and he said it left him “wanting some more.” Since that romantic makeout session, Justin proved that he and Katie had serious chemistry.

He won over Katie with his romantic gesture and has stuck around until the very end. He survived drama and controversy to get to the finale, but it’s not likely that it will all pay off.


The Maryland native is serious about finding a partner for life. His relationship role models – his mom and dad – have been together for a stunning 30 years! They know how to make marriage last and Justin is hoping their luck will rub off on him. He wants his own love story, but unfortunately, it won’t be with Katie Thurston. Why? Blake Moynes comes out on top.

Blake Moynes is a Keeper

Despite the steep competition, Blake Moynes beats out the other guys and wins the final rose. Reality Steve is almost positive the spoiler is accurate and with everything the couple has gone through, we agree! But what happens after the final rose is still a bit cloudy.

While Reality Steve is pretty sure Blake Moynes and Katie Thurston get engaged, he’s not 100-percent sure that they stay together. Before Blake appeared on the show, the spoiler king was positive Katie was engaged after filming concluded. Once Blake’s name was revealed, it seemed inevitable that he would last until the end. It’s likely the couple stayed together after filming and are happy, but we have to wait until After The Final Rose.

Blake Moynes might be purring for Katie long after 'The Bachelorette' finale. Are the couple still engaged after filming.
Blake Moynes might be purring for Katie long after ‘The Bachelorette’ finale. Are the couple still engaged after filming? Photo Credit: Instagram

Katie Thurston has been tight-lipped about her current relationship status. So it’s certainly in the cards that she’s still single after The Bachelorette. Nothing is set in stone, but our fingers are crossed for Katie and Blake!

Do you think Katie and Blake make a good couple on The Bachelorette? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!