Bob Lowery, a 46-year-old father of two who went missing in August, was pronounced dead on Tuesday when human remains that matched his DNA were found in the same Wyoming location where Gabby Petito’s remains were found. Now friends and family of Robert Lowery believe that there may be a connection between the two cases.

Although Lowery seemingly has no link to Gabby Petito’s disappearance in Bridger-Teton National Forest, the location and timing have people questioning what happened.

Is Brian Laundrie in some way linked to Bob Lowery’s death? The timelines tell a very different story.

UPDATE: Robert Lowery’s Sister Tells Us That There is No Connection Between Her Brother’s Death and Brian Laundrie … Click Here For Exclusive Details

According to the missing persons report placed for Robert “Bob” Lowery, he was last seen on Aug. 20, carrying a Nike duffel bag, gray tent, and wearing a Pittsburgh Pirates baseball cap. The Houston father had traveled to Black Canyon Trail in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and his remains were found a month later near the base of Teton Pass.

“The Teton County Sheriff’s Office informed our family this afternoon that the Search and Rescue Team located a body that fits the description of Robert “Bob” Lowery near Black Canyon Trail,” his sister Leigh Lowery wrote on Instagram. “Bob has been a wonderful father, son, brother and friend. Our family wants to thank the news media and others involved in the search for our privacy at this difficult time.”

Known for being an outdoorsman, it is unclear why Bob Lowery traveled on this Wyoming trip by himself, or if it was a common thing for him to do. His sister Leigh Lowery told NBC News that her brother had recently resigned from his job as a real estate agent, left his home in Houston, and decided to go on various camping and hiking trips across the country before starting a new business venture. Family members were concerned when he stopped contact with his two sons, ages 10 and 15.

“Bob talks to those kids every day, multiple times a day,” Leigh Lowery said at the time. “He’s never out of touch with them. But it’s been 37 days and nothing. And that’s what’s concerning.”

The second missing person found in the Wyoming park is a very odd coincidence, however, which is why people online have begun to link his disappearance to Brian Laundrie.

Laundrie has also been tied to the case of two women who were found dead near Moab, Utah, where Brian stayed one night in a motel. Though police have said that Brian is not a suspect in the case, some people have also found his link to their fates mysterious and potentially disturbing. If true, the four murders would make Brian Laundrie a serial killer.

The fact that he has yet to be found by authorities after coming home without Gabby and going into hiding, only dramatizes the case further with each passing day. However, given the timelines and locations of the people involved, it doesn’t seem likely that Brian Laundrie killed Robert Lowery.

According to the timeline, when Lowery went missing on Aug. 20, Brian and Gabby were reportedly in Salt Lake City, Utah. On Aug. 21, Gabby’s father Joseph Petito placed an Uber Eats order for the couple, since Gabby said the hotel had a power outage and no Wi-Fi connection. Three days later, on Aug. 24, the couple made their way to Wyoming, where they were alleged to have stayed for two days.

It’s after Aug. 24 when things become questionable, starting with an Aug. 25 Instagram post from Gabby of her holding a pumpkin in Utah, 45 minutes away from Salt Lake City, with the caption “Happy Halloween.” Confusing text messages from Gabby’s phone to her parents were then sent on Aug. 30 that they believe did not come from her.

Eventually, on Sep. 11, the family reported her as missing when their van was recovered after over a week without any communication with their daughter. Brian allegedly returned to Florida without Gabby on Sep. 1, ending a planned four-month road trip after two months.

If Brian Laundrie is connected to Bob Lowery’s death, they would have had to come in contact with each other a week after Bob’s disappearance, and during the two days that Gabby and Brian allegedly stayed in Wyoming.

A cause of death in the Bob Lowery case has not been revealed. The death has not been ruled a homicide at this time.

At this time, Brian Laundrie has no known motive for meeting with Robert during their stay in Wyoming. Brian Laundrie has been missing since Sep. 17.