Will Bob Saget’s net worth be split among his daughters? After the TV icon, best known for his stint as the loving dad on ABC’s Full House, died suddenly on Sunday, some fans are wondering how his estate will be divided.

The comedian left behind three children — Aubrey Saget, Jennifer Belle Saget, Lara Melanie Saget. At the time of his death, Saget was married to TV host Kathy Rizzo, and was previously married to Sherri Krame, the mother of his three daughters. 

By some estimates, Saget was approximately $50 million when he passed away over the weekend. It has not yet been revealed whether the star of America’s Funniest Home Videos had a will in place at the time of his death. It is also not clear whether he had a prenuptial agreement with his second wife, Kelly Rizzo. In many states, if there is no will or prenup at the time of death much of the estate goes to the spouse and closest relatives.

Bob Saget cause of death
Bob Saget died at the age of 65. The beloved actor was found in an Orlando hotel room. Cause of death is unknown. (Credit: Instagram)

His cause of death is also unknown. While preliminary examinations found no evidence of drug use or foul play, Saget showed no indication of ill-health in the final days (and hours) of his life. The 65-year-old had just finished a live stand-up show in Orlando and was planning more dates when hotel staff at the Ritz-Carlton found him dead on Sunday.

Reports indicate that it could take months to determine how the beloved actor died. 

What Was Bob Saget’s Net Worth?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Bob Saget had cash and assets totalling around $50 million at the time of his death.  

However, online net worth calculations for celebrities are famously dubious, and celebrities themselves have often disputed dollar amounts that appear on the Internet. 

Celebrity Net Worth has been criticized for inaccuracies. The site lacks any transparency — it’s not clear how it arrives at the figures it publishes.

While $50 million may be too high (or too low) of an estimate for Bob Saget’s net worth, there’s little doubt that the comedian was financially well-off when he died unexpectedly on Sunday. He spent nearly a decade in high-profile gigs on network television, both as Danny Tanner on Full House and as the host of America’s Funniest Home Videos

Whatever material possessions the 65-year-old leaves behind, his assets will likely be split among his three daughters and his wife.

Bob Saget cause of death
Bob Saget’s cause of death is still unknown. The actor’s net worth was probably in the millions, and he leaves behind three daughters and a wife. (Credit: Shutterstock.com)

Background on Bob Saget’s Family

The actor had three children in his first marriage to Sherri Kramer — Aubrey, born in 1987, Lara in 1989, and Jennifer in 1992. Saget and Kramer divorced in 1997, according to reports

Together with his wife, the Saget girls issued a statement following their father’s death last weekend. 

“We are devastated to confirm that our beloved Bob passed away today. He was everything to us and we want you to know how much he loved his fans, performing live and bringing people from all walks of life together with laughter,” the family wrote

“Though we ask for privacy at this time, we invite you to join us in remembering the love and laughter that Bob brought to the world.”

Saget married journalist Kelly Rizzo in 2018, reports say, after they were introduced by a mutual friend three years earlier. Rizzo is apparently best known for her work on Eat Travel Rock, a travelog-style, on-demand web show in which she interviews celebrity chefs and famous musicians, according to her website. 

Bob Saget married TV host Kelly Rizzo in 2018.
Bob Saget married TV host Kelly Rizzo in 2018. Photo credit: Shutterstock

Speaking to Us Weekly in 2018, she said she and Saget had chosen not to have any children together, but to spend their time visiting destinations across the globe. 

Saget told the magazine that his new wife and daughters got along well, and was clearly planning to grow old with Rizzo before his sudden death on Sunday. 

“Kelly and my daughters love each other, so it really is some magical thing that happened. They just love each other,” he said

“I’ve been the dad a lot. Maybe I’ll be a grandfather one day. My daughter has a boyfriend. I’m not rushing it.”