Boris Johnson denied claims from conservative party members on Wednesday who alleged that the Prime Minister was blackmailing lawmakers to maintain his position of power. Government employees mentioned cases involving threats to withhold aid and public investment, while members of Johnson’s own party came to his defense.

“I have seen no evidence [and] heard no evidence,” he told reporters, adding that he would “of course” look into the matter.

Over the past month, many oppositional Parliament members have called for the Prime Minister’s resignation, citing mishandling of the Omicron outbreak. As Boris Johnson deals with a scandal involving work parties thrown during Covid-19 lockdown regulations, he now faces attacks from those who paint him as “acting more like a mafia boss than a prime minister.”

William Wragg, a conservative Member of Parliament (MP), alleged on Wednesday that Johnson has been threatening cuts to constituency funding to several colleagues, but did not mention any specifics. According to BBC News, he urged those who have been threatened by Johnson to inform the authorities and make themselves known.

Wragg has also joined the call in asking for Boris Johnson’s resignation over the lockdown parties, which the UK Prime Minister claims were simply “work events.”

“I have been repeatedly assured since these allegations emerged that there was no party and that no Covid rules were broken,” Johnson stated on Tuesday. “If that turns out not to be the case … and people wish to bring allegations to my attention or to the police … then of course there will be proper sanctions.”

Despite his statements, former aide Dominic Cummings continued to call the Prime Minister a liar, as did Labour MP Christian Wakeford.

Speaking with BBC News, Wakeford announced that he was switching parties from Conservative to Labour on Wednesday after alleging that the government blackmailed him into voting along party lines.

According to Wakeford, “I was threatened that I would not get the school for [the town of] Radcliffe if I did not vote in one particular way.”

“This is a town that’s not had a high school for the best part of 10 years,” he stated. “How would you feel when holding back regeneration of a town for a vote? It didn’t sit comfortably. That was really starting to question my place where I was and ultimately to where I am now.”

Defecting to the Labour party after nearly 20 years, he said that he was, “ready to provide an alternative government that this country can be proud of.”

Lawmakers called on UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson to resign amid lockdown parties controversy
Lawmakers called on UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson to resign amid lockdown party controversy. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Other members of the Labour party have since come to Wakeford’s defense, as well, with multiple movements is separate sects of UK Parliament now calling for Johnson’s resignation.

“The moral decay at the heart of Johnson’s government may be even worse than we thought,” said Scottish first minister Nicola Sturgeon. “If Tories are threatening to withhold public investment from constituencies as a way of keeping MPs in line then, yes, that’s blackmail and intimidation – but it is also corruption.”

Meanwhile, Boris Johnson told lawmakers to stop their attacks until civil servant Sue Gray issued a verdict after her inquiry into the lockdown parties. Any signs of the UK Prime Minister breaking Covid-19 regulations with his garden parties would further weaken his position.

“Nobody told me that what we were doing was… against the rules,” Boris Johnson told reporters on Tuesday. “When I went out into that garden, I thought that I was attending a work event.”