Florida State football player Brady Scott made the best of a tragic loss Sunday night by turning it into a proposal to his girlfriend, who said “Yes!”

The photograph of the Seminole player on one knee as their opponent, Jacksonville State, celebrates in the background, has since gone viral. Florida State may have lost the game, but Brady Scott’s photo proved there’s more to life than just the game.

“FSU player proposing on the field with Jacksonville St still celebrating in the background,” the photo’s caption read. “You can’t make this stuff up.”

Fans online couldn’t believe that Brady proposed after losing. CBS Sports and Sirius XM Radio host Danny Kanell later commented after the photo blew up online asking, “this can’t be real….like after that game?”

In the last few seconds of the game, Jacksonville’s quarterback threw a 59-yard touchdown pass to beat Florida State 20-17, but the Redshirt junior offensive lineman isn’t going to dwell on the loss.

According to Fox News reporter Joe Kinsey, this proposal was planned no matter the outcome, and it’s a miracle that his night wasn’t ruined by her turning him down. Brady must have known that she was going to say yes, as the two seemed very much in love.

Writing on his Instagram last week in celebration of their two year anniversary as a couple, the Florida State lineman said, “2 whole years with my best friend. I can’t wait for unlimited adventures with you, beautiful! God sure knew what he was doing when he made you.”

Makala Pierce, Brady’s new fiancé, is also an FSU alum. After the game, Brady posted a bunch of sweet photos of the happy couple, sporting Makala’s new ring.

“You are my world,” he wrote. “Forever with you will make me the happiest man in the world! Makala Scott has a nice Ring to it.”

Born in Powder Springs, Ga., the 6’6″, 322 lbs offensive lineman is in his final year with Florida State, who now have an 0-2 record in the 2021 season.

“Y’all want an invite to the wedding?” he joked on Twitter, responding to a Barstool Sports article calling it the “worst proposal ever.”

He later added “Kind of A Barstool Athlete I guess” to his Twitter bio, as well as his Instagram, keeping the joke rolling.

Brady Scott also posted their Crate & Barrel wedding registry online, which lists the wedding as taking place on Mar. 4, 2023. They’re getting a lot of kitchen and dining ware.

“He knows college football isn’t everything and forever but he found his forever so he couldn’t wait another moment,” commented Sports New York host Chris Williamson. “Salute!”

Last week at a Worcester Red Sox minor league baseball game, another surprise proposal caught fans’ attention, but to more disastrous effects.

After proposing on top of the dugout at Polar Park, the woman, clearly shocked, is seen in a video of the event shaking her head no and running off. The man, left down on one knee, pleads for her to come back, very confused. Some fans later helped him down off the dugout and he followed her.

“Ew public proposal at polar park? Girl did the right thing,” a commenter said online.

Some fans thought it was staged because of how awful it looked, but the team later confirmed that they had no part in the proposal.

“It’s more important that we all agree to end stadium proposals,” one commenter wrote on Twitter. “Please.”

If there’s a worst proposal of all time, like the Barstool Sports article called Brady Scott’s, one that doesn’t work out at a minor league baseball game has to be higher up on the “worst” ranking.