Brandi Davis, the first-ever principal at LeBron James‘ elementary school, submitted her official resignation after she was accused of slapping an 11-year-old boy.

Back in September, the investigation into the incident began, culminating in Brandi Davis stepping down on Friday. A spokesperson for Akron Public Schools confirmed the I PROMISE school principal’s resignation, later announced by the Akron Beacon Journal.

The mother of the student called for the principal’s resignation after the incident and has been rallying support for justice. Feeling betrayed by the institution, the mother said that any trust the school has built is now broken.

“We looked at you all as family,” the mother of the 11-year-old boy said. Their identities have been kept private to protect him from bullying and derogatory press.

According to police reports, the 11-year-old boy was slapped across the face in the lunch line after he used profanities to describe a mess left by other students in the lunchroom. The mother, who received a text message from Principal Brandi Davis to come and get her son at school, said that he had a busted lip and was bleeding when she received the message.

The boy was wearing his mask at the time, which likely means his injury resulted from a significant hit.

“Why would you put your hands on my child?” the mother said she asked Brandi Davis. “She said she just reacted and slapped him.” She went to the Board of Educators with her son immediately following the meeting and then to report the incident to the police.

Brandi Davis has yet to comment on the incident or her resignation announcement on Friday.

A school spokesman told the Akron Beacon Journal that they took “all allegations seriously,” but Brandi Davis has yet to be charged with any crime for the assault. The school said that they were “also respecting the rights of staff accused of wrongdoing to due process.”

“We are family, and that means we support every one of our I PROMISE educators, students, and family members through anything they may be going through,” a statement released by the school read on Thursday. “In this and in every case, we will always do everything we can to make sure all are loved and supported during these times as we learn and grow as a family.”

The mother said she planned to keep her son home indefinitely and will presumably place him in a new school soon. According to the Akron Beacon Journal, the 11-year-old boy is embarrassed, traumatized, and doesn’t want to go back to the school he once loved.

The 11-year-old boy was part of the inaugural class of students when NBA legend LeBron James opened up the I PROMISE school. He was apparently thriving among friends and had good grades.

“I don’t hate her, because everybody makes mistakes,” the mother said about Brandi Davis but admitted she was happy to learn of her resignation. “This is serious when it comes to a child being assaulted. I would never hit my kids in the mouth to where their lip is busted.”

LeBron James' elementary school, where Principal Brandi Davis worked, has yet to comment on the incident
LeBron James’ elementary school, where Principal Brandi Davis worked, has yet to comment on the incident. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Set up a joint venture by LeBron James and Akron Public Schools, the I PROMISE school was created to help at-risk kids and create a better environment for learning than what LeBron said he experienced as a child.

“I know exactly what these 240 kids are going through,” he said at the groundbreaking for the school four years ago. “I know the ups, the downs. I know everything they dream about. I know all the nightmares they have because I’ve been there.”

“We didn’t have stability day to day where I didn’t know where I was going to be living,” he explained. “So, it was a surprise to me when I woke up and I was actually going to school.” He told students that that was why he helped create this school.

LeBron James has yet to comment on the incident or announce Brandi Davis’ replacement.