Brandon Deandra Knight, a 22-year-old resident of Jacksonville, Arkansas, was arrested Wednesday morning in connection with the Dumas car show shooting that left dozens injured and one dead.

He was picked up from a local Dumas hospital and charged with first-degree battery and aggravated assault, according to local authorities, who did not reveal why the young man was hospitalized. Police have not identified Brandon Deandra Knight as the gunman, as he was only arrested in connection to the mass shooting at this time.

“The state police investigation remains in an active status and no further information regarding the arrest is available at this hour,” the Arkansas State Police, said in an official statement posted to their website. “Knight is being held at the Dumas City Jail and will be scheduled for a first appearance court hearing tomorrow.”

Occurring Saturday evening at a Dumas parking lot, the “Hood-Nic Car Show” erupted in gunfire without warning or provocation. According to the event organizer, the show had previously gone off without incident for the past 16 years.

“This has never happened to us at our event ever,” organizer Wallace McGehee told local KATV News reporters following the shooting. “For something like this to happen, it’s a tragedy… We did this here for 16 years without a problem.”

26 people were injured by gunfire, ABC News reported, including five children ranging in age from 19 months to 11 years old. 23-year-old Cameron Shaffer was the lone victim, passing away due to injuries later at a Dumas hospital.

Law enforcement believe that the incident included two gunmen in an argument and that a mass shooting at the event was unplanned. They also revealed that there was no evidence to link Cameron Shaffer to the fight, and that another unnamed person – in addition to Brandon Deandra Knight – was arrested on “unrelated charges.”

“It’s shocking,” Officer Bill Bryant of the Arkansas State Police told reporters on Saturday. “We have a small community, a farming community in Dumas — 5,000 people. And then we have an incident of multi victims. It’s just, you don’t expect that from small-town Arkansas.”

Anyone with information about the events leading up to the shooting or Brandon Deandra Knight has been urged by police to come forward.

Steven Mitchell, a Dumas resident and shooting victim at the Arkansas car show, later told reporters that he’s attended every year since 2004 and that the event is usually a very positive environment.

“We were out there having a good time. I was in the food line trying to get something to eat,” Steven said. “Next thing you know, I heard gunshots and I got shot.”

Steven Mitchell, hailed a hero for helping children evacuate from the shooting despite suffering from a gunshot wound, has since been celebrated by the town for saving more lives.

Steven Mitchell, hailed a hero for helping children evacuate from the shooting
Steven Mitchell (right), hailed a hero for helping children evacuate from the shooting, and his mother, Kimberly Clay-Mitchell (left). Photo Credit: Steven Mitchell

“A lot of kids got hit and that was really messing with me seeing kids crying and getting shot in an event like that,” he told ABC News, “So I was letting them get the kids first, I was alright. Just make sure the kids were ok.”

Mitchell was shot twice at the Dumas car show, once in his stomach and once through his dominant hand. He has since recovered.

“They could’ve been selfish and just try to save themselves but they didn’t,” his mother, Kimberly Clay-Mitchell, said about the community’s response. “Everybody helped somebody. Everybody jumped in. They didn’t think about themselves or anything. They just thought whatever they saw needed to be done, they did it.”