After rumors surfaced Tuesday morning that Bachelor in Paradise contestant Brendan Morais was fired by his sponsor NordicTrack, Brendan denied the reports.

“While neither myself nor my manager have been in contact with NordicTrack regarding this matter,” said the 31-year-old BIP star, my partnership was never supposed to be long term.”

Following the revelation that Brendan Morais had a previous relationship with fellow-contestant Pieper James before using BIP’s Natasha Parker to stay on the show and gain Instagram followers, the couple were kicked off of the island. After discussing the plot with Pieper on camera, Brendan Morais reportedly lost over 100,000 Instagram followers.

The NordicTrack sponsorship post remains up on his Instagram profile, posted one day after the 2021 season of Bachelor in Paradise premiered. NordicTrack has yet to respond to the allegations, but according to a source of US Weekly, NordicTrack “has not expressed any concern over what’s been going on with Bachelor in Paradise.”

Brendan reportedly finished his contract with them for sponsored Instagram posts “a week or two ago.”

“I wish things had happened differently on the beach and I’m regretful about how I handled things with Natasha,” Brendan Morais’ official statement continued. “With that being said, I completely understand companies need to consider reality TV edits in order to protect their brand, I just know there is more to me than what the audience gets to see for an hour once a week.”

Fans continued to hit Brendan Morais with online vitriol, with one commenter writing, “You shouldn’t get paid for s–t” accompanied by the trash can emoji, in a post that garnered over 300 likes. Another Instagram user said that they were going to email NordicTrack and request that they rescind the sponsorship anyway.

After Pieper showed up, Brendan and Pieper immediately connected, with many questioning if they knew each other before.

Their previous relationship turned out to be true, as well as a plot to stay together on the show to gain more Instagram followers.

“The best part is the amount of times your name is going to be brought up before you’re on this show,” Brendan told Pieper. She responded saying that she had already gained 10,000 followers. ”Thanks for doing all the heavy lifting for me so I could just, like, swoop in here,” she said.

After being kicked off the island last week once all of the other islanders got behind Natasha Parker, Brendan posted a lengthy, seven-minute apology video on Instagram, addressing accusations that he was “their for the wrong reasons,” a cardinal sin of the reality dating world.

“I just wanted to take a quick second and speak on what transpired in Paradise,” Brendan said. “But most importantly, I wanted to apologize to you, Natasha. I never meant to hurt you.”

Pieper and Brendan are reportedly still together, despite him doubling-down on comments that the relationship was never exclusive before taping BIP.

“I absolutely went to Paradise a single man,” Brendan claimed. “As far as Pieper and I having this big, elaborate plan, I’m not the smartest person in the world, for sure, but I feel like it would have gone just a little bit better than it did if we had this plan. Of course, it went horrible in every way.”

“If I wanted the max amount of followers, I would not have pursued Pieper or Natasha,” Brendan oddly added, saying that a better plan would have been to go after “a girl with a million followers.”

“I know that I’m a good person,” he concluded in the Instagram video. “but I need to continue to grow and that’s that.”

Speaking to the press, Pieper confirmed that she and Brendan were still an item, and that they were “working through things,” and taking it day by day.

“This obviously isn’t something that’s super healthy for a relationship either,” she said, “so it kind of is what it is.”