Brett Butler, an actress who made millions on the show Grace Under Fire, has been criticized for creating a GoFundMe to avoid her imminent eviction. The sitcom actress reportedly made $250,000 per episode while filming the series. Now fans are wondering what happened to all the money she made during the show.

According to her close friend Lon Strickler, Brett faces eviction. Though she is “one of the kindest” and most “down-to-earth people that anyone will meet,” Brett Butler has allowed her fame and fortune to slip away. Now she has “exhausted all of her resources,” according to Strickler, “and the stress of looming eviction is straining her mentally and physically.”

What happened to Brett Butler? 'Grace Under Fire' actress has no money after becoming addicted to painkillers.
What happened to Brett Butler? ‘Grace Under Fire’ actress has no money after becoming addicted to painkillers. Photo Credit: GoFundMe

Lon Stricker, who is a blogger that covers all-things paranormal, wrote on the GoFundMe page that “friends and loved ones are reaching out and asking for fans of actress Brett Butler to help her through her time of need. We all love and know Brett from her TV series, Grace Under Fire, as Grace Kelly, and her many TV and stage appearances.”

He explained that “like many others,” Brett has succumbed to financial hardships because of the pandemic and is “in a critical situation.” He admitted that “desperation has set in.” According to Brett’s long-time friend, “it is urgent.”

The GoFundMe, which has since raised over $25,000 for the acclaimed actress, was created to help Brett through her tough financial crisis. According to Lon Strickler, Brett is “a very private person” that “won’t ask for help.” So he decided to initiate his plan and garner enough funds to save Brett from eviction.

Stricker said that the actress “has many fans all over the world” and hopes they “will give what [they] can.” He claimed Brett “has made millions of people laugh over the years,” and that “it’s time to give back to her for her gift of laugher to all of us.”

Since her success on Grace Under Fire – in which she reportedly made $25 million throughout the series – Brett Butler has appeared on several other hit shows. She made appearances on Anger Management, The Morning Show, and The Walking Dead, among others. Despite being a working actress with plenty of opportunities, Brett is six months behind on her rent.

Brett told reporters that she “told [Lon Strickler], ‘I might’ve waited too long to do this, but I am so screwed right now.’” She admitted that “I’ve been ashamed. Almost ashamed to death.” The actress had no money and need cash quickly. In desperation, she and her friend created the GoFundMe with a modest goal of $15,000. The fund surpassed the initial goal, so Brett increased the target to its current $20,000 goal. She wondered what “the cutoff line between needing something and being absolutely greedy,” was.

Brett Butler turned to GoFundMe to avoid eviction. Why the 'Grace Under Fire' star has no money.
Brett Butler turned to GoFundMe to avoid eviction. Why the ‘Grace Under Fire’ star has no money. Photo Credit: Kathy Hutchins /

While it’s not exactly clear how Brett Butler emptied her bank account, The Hollywood Reporter claimed there have been clues to Brett’s fall from grace since her starring role in Grace Under Fire. The publication pointed out that while she was earning $250,000 an episode and made upwards of $25 million for the series as a whole, it did get canceled more than two decades ago.

The reason for its cancelation was reportedly tied to Brett’s drug abuse issues. The actress became addicted to Vicodin, which turned her into a “difficult” person to be worth with. After a laundry list of co-stars dumped the series, showrunners decided to cancel it entirely. Brett explained that “I was out of my mind. Drugs will do that to you.” She even admitted that “the show should have been pulled sooner than it was.”

Despite getting sober after the show was canceled, Brett made bad financial decisions that cost her millions of dollars. By the time the pandemic hit, most of her resources had been emptied and she couldn’t find any work to get her back on her feet. She also mentioned to reporters that throughout her life, people she trusted stole money from her.

Brett Butler admitted it was “stupid on my part, not to have insurance for those things. And to loan and give a lot of money away.” She also explained that she “really just felt so guilty for having” so much money that she “almost couldn’t get rid of it fast enough.”