Brittany Rohl is speaking out against her former teacher and coach from Babylon High School in Long Island, New York. The 28-year-old woman claims that her NY teacher groomed her for sex when she was 16-years-old and later continued their toxic relationship when she went to college.

Rohl finally wanted to share her story after 10 years because she felt she had a duty to show other people that it is okay to speak out and there shouldn’t be a stigma around sexual assault.

“I want to reduce some of the shame of coming forward for other people,” she said.

Brittany Rohl is opening up about the sexual abuse that she faced from her former teacher. (Credit: Instagram)
Brittany Rohl is opening up about the sexual abuse that she faced from her former teacher. (Credit: Instagram)

Recently, another teacher at Babylon High School was removed from teaching for “disturbing allegations.” That was another reason why Rohl was comfortable with finally sharing her story. The 28-year-old sent an eight-page letter to her former high school detailing all the incidents of grooming that she allegedly experienced by the hands of her teacher and coach.

Babylon High says that the teacher that Brittany Rohl described is a former teacher of the school and was removed from the classroom in 2018. It is unclear what led to his removal.

According to Rohl, the teacher, who was in his mid-30s at the time, started sexually abusing her when she was 16-years-old and told her that she was special. The teacher reportedly waited until the week of her 18th birthday to finally have sex with her, and by that point, Rohl didn’t think she could say no.

Her teacher, “started to isolate me and make me feel special by telling me I was ‘overlooked’ and that he was the only one who appreciated me in track as well as academics,” she wrote in her letter.

In her letter, which is posted on her Instagram and has since gone viral, the 28-year-old also tells her former administrators about an inappropriate text that he sent her during the senior prom and how during her senior year he told her that they should be dating and later moved their relationship to the next level.

She writes, “He sat me down on the bleachers at the football field and told me that he wanted to take my virginity, and that only he could because no one could love me like he did. I completely froze. I’m not sure why we met that day.”

She says they had sex in his car in front of her house. Brittany Rohl says she got sexually assaulted by her teacher throughout the summer and that they would have sex once each week.

Brittany Rohl is speaking out about the alleged abuse that she experienced that the hands of her former high school teacher. (Credit: Instagram)
Brittany Rohl is speaking out about the alleged sexual abuse that she experienced at the hands of her former high school teacher. (Credit: Instagram)

The teacher allegedly pointed out other alleged student-teacher relationships around school and told her why they were bad and their relationship was good. He told the young girl that he wanted to marry her and would always take care of her. Brittany said that she was afraid that his wife and their Long Island community would find out about their relationship. So she destroyed all of the evidence in 2015 because of guilt.

Brittany Rohl said that the abuse and manipulation continued when she went to college. Her teacher had convinced her that Fordham University was the best school for her special kind of intelligence, and according to the young woman the NY teacher would constantly monitor her.

The teacher allegedly told her not to drink because she would get raped. He would reportedly visit the campus so they could have sex and because of their relationship, Brittany started to have suicidal thoughts and panic attacks. Once on a plane in Florida, her friend had to calm her down after she thought she saw her former teacher with another young girl.

Emma Glynn described the moment when she finally realized how much the abuse affected her friend. “This behavior was not like her and I knew something must have triggered a deeper memory,” said Glynn. “For me this incident was an eye opener because I realized just how awful her situation must have been for so many years. I also realized how strong she must be to carry it with her every day and to overcome it and I was extremely proud as a friend.”

Since Brittany Rohl’s letter, many community members have spoken out about her teacher and the other teacher who was recently removed from Babylon High. According to some, the alleged abuse was an open secret and many were not surprised about the allegations against both former teachers. They claim that students and administrators knew about the sexual abuse.