As the Caldor Fire ravages the land near Sacramento, Ca., authorities have been evacuating areas and prepping for a larger fight. The chances of the fire spreading to South Lake Tahoe are becoming more of a reality as the wind pushes the fire east, with officials calling for a full evacuation of the Tahoe Basin and the El Dorado county area.

Below is everything people need to know in order to stay safe from the raging Caldor Fire:

What Areas Need to Be Evacuated?

As of Friday at 11 a.m. PST, the areas of El Dorado, Bonetti, Meiss, Omo Ranch, Pleasant Valley, Cedar Grove, Bryants, Riverton, Raffetto, and Twin Bridges should be completely evacuated.

Areas at high risk as the Caldor fire spreads include South Lake Tahoe, Emerald Bay, Campana, Deer View, Camino Heights, Melson’s Corner, and Placerville.

A full map of the area is available from the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office, detailing who should be evacuated and what roads are completely closed off as first responders battle the raging fire. Following some high winds, dry conditions allowed the Caldor fire to jump across the Highway 50 division between Sacramento as it makes its way toward South Lake Tahoe.

“It’s a little discouraging when we get fire behavior like this that we can’t control,” CalFire spokesperson Josh Vickers told KOVR. “What you’re feeling right here is 20-25 mph and the fuels are so dry it’s getting up into the timber.”

Tahoe National Forest and Plumas National Forest have been completely closed and evacuated by the U.S. Forest Service to ensure that the area is completely free of people as firefighters battle the flames. They currently plan to make a stand at Echo Summit in an attempt to stop the Caldor Fire flames from reading South Lake Tahoe.

“It’s not something that’s a big worry to us right now. We’re just doing this precautionary to make sure we’re staying ahead of the game,” said CalFire Operations Section Chief Cody Bogan.

Where Can Evacuees Go for Shelter?

Ed Dorado County Sheriff’s Office provided the full list of evacuation shelters on a website.

Right now, evacuees can go to the Cameron Park CSD, the temporary evacuation point at Amador County Fairgrounds in Plymouth, Evelynn Bishop Hall in Ione, Rolling Hills Church in El Dorado Hills, the Douglas County Community Center in Gardnerville, NV., and the Green Valley Community Church in Placerville.

Those in need of assistance evacuating animals and pets can call El Dorado County Animal Services in Diamond Springs at (530)-621-5795 or Amador County Fairgrounds for larger animals in the Amador County region.

What Are Precautions People Can Take to Protect Themselves and Their Homes from the Caldor Fire?

For people who live in wildfire-prone zones, CalFire suggests creating what’s called a “defensible space” around your home. This includes removing vegetation and debris around your home for at least a 100-foot radius to ward off anything that may catch fire and spread the flames to your home.

According to the CDC, most masks used to keep out the spread of Covid-19 do not have the same effect on wildfires and suggest wearing the N95 respirator masks.

An emergency kit should be assembled in advance, including masks, IDs, important phone numbers and contacts, and any other supplies you may need if you have to leave at a moment’s notice. Cal Fire also suggests having your garage door open and car ready to go “like a firefighter” by backing your car into the garage so that you can pull out easier when it’s time to evacuate.

Residents near potential risk areas should follow Cal Fire on Twitter to make sure that they are receiving up-to-date information about new areas to be evacuated and the path of the flame. You can also receive live text notifications through the Ready for Wildfire CalFire app, which alerts you of all incidents that take place within 20 miles of your provided zip code.