Camryn Amy and Olivia Winslow pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges of theft, child endangerment, and hate crimes after a viral confrontation last year. The two women, both 21 years old, were filmed confronting Trump supporters during Joe Biden’s acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention in Wilmington, Delaware.

The video was filmed on August 20 by a family protesting Biden’s acceptance. The video was posted to social media by the Students For Trump Twitter account. The short clip has garnered over five million views and documents Camryn Amy and Olivia Winslow as they harass a group of Trump Supporters protesting Biden’s nomination.

Both Amy and Winslow will be sentenced for their charges in September, though prosecutors will not seek prison time. As part of a plea deal struck on Monday, the other charges – assault, attempted assault, and conspiracy – were dropped. The deal was offered with the “approval of the victims” according to prosecutors.

Camryn Amy pleaded guilty this week to hate crime charges after a viral MAGA confrontation in August, 2020.
Camryn Amy pleaded guilty this week to hate crime charges after a viral MAGA confrontation in August 2020. Photo Credit: Twitter

The attorneys representing Camryn Amy and Olivia Winslow claimed that the Wilmington women agreed to the plea deal and will accept probation as the “appropriate sentence” for the crime. Both parties refrained from further comment when pressed by reporters earlier this week.

The viral video that documented the hate crime in Wilmington, Delaware has been retweeted more than 2,200 times. The Students For Trump Twitter account captioned the post: “Outside the DNC Convention tonight, radical leftists attacked a 7-year-old boy. Why? Because he was simply showing his support for President Donald Trump. Truly shameful.”

In the video, Camryn Amy and Olivia Winslow can be seen as they drag the protestors’ posters across the ground, both parties cursing at one another. “Can you get off my property?” the woman behind the camera, 27-year-old Abbey, asks. “Get off my property! Are you going to destroy my property?”

Amy and Winslow bend down, ripping the MAGA posters in half as Amy confirms to Abbey that “yes we are.” The two women then toss the torn posters at the camerawoman before the video pans to a single “Make America Great Again” hat on the ground.

“Get it Liv, get it,” Camryn Amy chants, as Winslow runs towards the hat. The woman bends down to pick it up before tossing it on the ground. Amy picks the hat up as Abbey’s 7-year-old son Riley sprints towards the perpetrators.

“That’s somebody else’s hat,” he screams. The boy then starts to cry as Amy and Winslow shout curses at him. “It’s somebody- else’s hat,” he cries.

“Look at what you just did to my son,” Abbey screams at the woman as they march into the nearby parking lot. “Go get your hat back baby. Get your hat back.”

“We don’t give a f—k what you wanted,” Olivia Winslow tells Riley. “Your mom f—king likes Trump.”

The video continues as the two women walk through the parking lot with Riley’s hat in tow. Eventually other passersby enter the scene, confronting Camryn Amy and Olivia Winslow as they march along. Abbey screams to the two women that she “has the whole thing on video,” and a man slides between two parked cars to catch up with Amy, asking for the hat back.

At one point the man touches Amy. She turns around and punches the man in the face before backing away. Another man in what appears to be a MAGA hat tries to break up the confrontation, standing in between the woman and the unidentified man.

The video ends as Camryn Amy lunges toward Abbey. The two enter into a physical altercation before the camera blurs and the footage cuts out. It isn’t clear what happened after Abbey stopped recording, though reports claim police caught up to the two suspects and they were arrested three days later.

Olivia Winslow and her friend will be sentenced in September, though prosecutors won't seek prison time.
Olivia Winslow and her friend will be sentenced in September, though prosecutors won’t seek prison time. Photo Credit: Twitter

Camryn Amy and Olivia Winslow were indicted by a grand jury on September 8 on felony charges of robbery, conspiracy, and hate crimes. Amy was also indicted on misdemeanor charges of assaulting the man who tried to retrieve the hat, attempting to assault the mother, and offensive touching of the boy.

The indictment asserted that the women committed the crimes “for the purpose of interfering with the victim’s free exercise or enjoyment of any right, privilege or immunity protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution, or committed said crime because the victim had exercised or enjoyed said right or rights.”

Many of the charges introduced were dropped. Amy and Winslow will not face prison time. Their sentencing will take place in September.

Abbey said in a statement that they “were standing outside peacefully minding our own business waiting for our table. Suddenly, two Joe Biden supporters began to yell political epithets at my child.”

She continued, saying that “they ripped the sign from my arms and assaulted my 7-year-old son. The Joe Biden supporters laid hands on my child and ripped his “Make America Great Again” hat from his head while cursing at him and pushing him over. The two Joe Biden supporters verbally and physically assaulted my child. My seven-year-old child was sobbing and screaming.”

At the time the video went viral, former President Trump sent a care package to young Riley. The package included a new, signed MAGA hat, a mug, a water bottle, presidential bags and other swag, according to reports.