Mexican boxer Canelo Alvarez was asked Thursday morning if he would be willing to fight Jake Paul. Now fans are going wild because the World Champion boxer alluded to a future fight against the former YouTuber-turned boxer.

“Not right now,” he told a TMZ. “He’s not ready.”

With a 56-1-2 record, the super middleweight World Champion is leagues above Jake Paul’s 4-0 record against MMA fighters and fellow YouTubers, but that hasn’t stopped fans from calling for the two to throw down in the ring.

“If he wants someone to fight, we have this guy right here,” Canelo said, pointing to his friend who was having dinner with him outside Beauty & Essex in Los Angeles, Ca. “He needs to keep improving. Good luck.”

Having recently defeated the former UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley, Jake Paul is being taken a little more seriously in the boxing community. According to SB Nation, the fight could finish at the fifth-highest Pay-Per-View total in history.

“My goal is to become a world champion to laugh and say I did it,” Jake said last month, citing Canelo Alvarez as his dream opponent.

Presumably carried over from his successful YouTube career, Jake Paul has sold exceptionally high fights so far, demanding a lot of the spotlight. “It’s about making history and proving people wrong,” he told TalkSport. “I want to leave an everlasting legacy. I know I can become one of the best in the world in this sport. Boxing is the perfect way to prove haters wrong.”

Following an exhibition fight between Jake’s brother Logan Paul and legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather in which none of the rounds was scored and neither boxer went down, Canelo tweeted the face-palm emoji, seemingly unimpressed with the brothers’ display.

“You couldn’t sell PPV’s,” Jake Paul claimed in a spirited response. “I would eat you alive.”

Canelo has yet to take Jake Paul seriously, however, despite fans clamoring for a fight. Defeating Tyron Woodley was a step up for Jake, but it was still technically Tyron’s first boxing match as a mixed martial artist. Jake may be undefeated, but does he really have what it takes to take on Canelo yet?

According to the boxing magazine The Ring, Jake Paul may want to reconsider the challenge. Reports of fans booing Paul and Woodley at the event followed the eight-round, split-decision victory for Jake Paul, barely edging out the win.

“He may need to reconsider after struggling with a 39-year-old former MMA fighter who was boxing for the first time after losing his previous four UFC fights,” The Ring writer Joseph Santoliquito wrote in his coverage of the fight.

“The exhibition served as a blatant portrait of where Paul is in his development as a novice boxer and how much further he needs to go if he ever thinks he would ever step into the ring with the likes of a Canelo Alvarez,” he continued, “who might have beaten down both Paul and Woodley in the same ring Sunday night.”

On ESPN’s First Take, sports commentator Stephen A. Smith said that Jake Paul had “zero chance” fighting Canelo and claimed that it would be an awful decision for his career right now. Stephen Smith said Jake doesn’t have the same muscle memory as professional fighters.

Speaking with TMZ last December, Canelo even questioned Jake Paul’s sincerity, saying that he was only in it for the money. “I truly believe that it’s a lack of respect… I’m focused right now on other projects.”

Canelo Alvarez’s recent comments seemed to suggest that he’s slightly more open to a fight in the future if Jake Paul can notch some more wins under his belt. However, the experienced fight thinks Jake is just a sparring partner at his current level.