Are Evan and Carly getting back together? The short answer: maybe. The fan-favorite Bachelor in Paradise couple has gone through a rocky road recently, but they’re not giving up just yet.

The celebrity couple was seen together in Nashville on Sunday, having a Mother’s Day brunch without their two kids. The meal was a reveal like something out of a Bachelor episode, with Carly and Evan throwing a curveball to their fans. Though fans would be sad to see the couple finally break up, this roller coaster ride of emotions isn’t great either.

Carly and Evan, who share a 3-year-old daughter, Bella, and a 17-month-old son, Charlie, announced their split back in December 2020 after three years of marriage. The divorce has been on and off for a while, but there’s still hope. The pair is trying to work out their problems for the sake of their children.

The announcement of their divorce came in the form of a YouTube video, with Carly Waddell confirming that she and her hubby had been separated since Thanksgiving. Though they tried therapy, enough was enough, and they couldn’t fix the foundation of their relationship. Fans thought it was over, until now.

Over the weekend, BIP fans spotted Carly and Evan together at White Limozeen at the Graduate Hotel in Nashville, where they could be seen getting friendly with one another during an intimate Sunday brunch. The sweet outing gave Bachelor nation hope, though no PDA was observed during the couple’s outing.

Bachelor in Paradises fans have been rooting for Carly and Evan from the time they met on the show. From the beginning it wasn’t the easiest relationship, and Carly was never sure she wanted to move forward. But after receiving tons of support from her friend Jade Roper Carly found a way to make it work.

Jade and Tanner Tolbert, best friends of the Bachelor alums, discussed the breakup with Us Weekly, reacting to the photos of the jaw-dropping Mother’s Day date. “I think they’re just trying to figure it out, you know, they’re just separated right now,” Jade explained. “They’re not officially divorced and with children, I think it’s something that they want to, like, make sure that they exhaust all avenues before they give up on their relationship. … I think she’s happy where she is right now. And I think she’s just kind of trying to figure out what’s best for them.”

Though they seemed happy during their Nashville brunch, the couple has issues in their relationship, ones that can’t be fixed with a simple omelet. Carly and Evan “wish to have a civil relationship with each other for” their “best interest.” A source told E! News that “Carly and Evan shared Mother’s Day together to catch each other up on their lives, and discussed co-parenting and the children’s summer schedules.”

“I just want [Carly] to be happy,” Jade said, speaking about what could be the end of Carly and Evan’s relationship. “So if that’s what makes her happy, you know, then I’m going to support it. But I just want to see her happy and thriving.”

The celebrity couple met in 2016 while filming Season 3 of Bachelor in Paradise and were quick to seal the deal. They exchanged vows in Mexico the following year, and baby number one was on the way soon after.