Dog the Bounty Hunter’s daughter Cecily Chapman spoke out on her father’s involvement in the hunt for fugitive Brian Laundrie, slamming his investigation as a ploy for attention.

“It’s just a publicity stunt. That’s really what it is,” she told The Sun. “He needs to back off and let the FBI handle it.”

The former reality TV star waded into the hunt for Brian Laundrie in late September, following the discovery of Gabby Petito’s remains at Bridger-Teton National Park in Wyoming. At that time, Dog — whose real name is Duane Chapman — searched a Florida campsite some 70 miles from the Laundrie family home, but only managed to find an empty soda can.

“What, you found a Monster Energy can?” she said of her father’s exploits. “What does that do for anyone.”

In an interview with Fox News on Monday, Dog the Bounty Hunter said he was continuing to make progress on the search for Brian Laundrie, claiming he found a “makeshift, primitive” campsite in the Florida wilderness, which he said he turned over to the FBI. He was also seen knocking on the door at the Laundrie family home last month, and posted a clip to Instagram over the weekend where he appeared to be wading through a swamp.

“That in-the-water stuff — that looks totally staged,” Cecily Chapman said, suggesting that her father may be angling for a new reality TV show.

“A real network would be aware of the situation and I’m pretty sure everyone knows that this is a f—ing publicity stunt,” she added. Dog the Bounty Hunter’s original A&E series has been off the air since 2012. His planned comeback show, Dog Unleashed, fell apart over the summer amid a bitter contract dispute.

Dog Bounty Hunter Cecily Chapman
Dog the Bounty Hunter’s daughter Cecily Chapman says her reality TV star dad is using the Brian Laundrie search to gain publicity and land a new show.

Dog the Bounty Hunter, 68, adopted Cecily Chapman when he married her late mother Beth in 2006. The pair have endured a high-profile feud for the last several months — in August, Cecily Chapman announced she was not invited to her father’s Sept. 2 wedding and had not even met his new fiancé, nor had she even visited the family home since her mother’s passing.

That same month, Cecily Chapman announced she had called off her December wedding, saying she and fiancé Matty Smith needed some time apart. Less than two weeks after calling off the wedding, Cecily Chapman was arrested in Honolulu following a domestic dispute with an unnamed boyfriend.

“I’d do it again,” she told Page Six after her arrest. “I was attacked. I defended myself. I’d do it again. End of story.”

Another of Dog’s daughters, Lyssa Chapman, is apparently involved with her father’s hunt for the fugitive Brian Laundrie.

“The Hunt for Brian continues,” she Tweeted on Tuesday. “We let all the bad information cycle out. Remember we are still in need of your tips!”

Dog the Bounty Hunter’s investigation into the whereabouts of Brian Laundrie runs parallel to the FBI’s massive manhunt for the missing boyfriend of Gabby Petito. Laundrie, 23, was last seen by his parents, leaving his Florida home shortly after returning from a cross country road trip without his girlfriend Gabby. While both the FBI and Dog the Bounty Hunter have received many tips in their search — and a few possible sightings of Laundrie have been reported — nothing definitive has emerged thus far.

Dog the Bounty Hunter and his family, including Cecily Chapman, rose to fame in the 2000s during the run of his original cable reality TV show. Following its cancellation in 2012, Dog and his wife Beth produced a similar series, Dog and Beth: On the Hunt for CMT from 2013 to 2015. In 2017, the pair produced a a two hour special detailing Beth’s battle with lung and throat cancer called Dog and Beth: Fight of Their Lives. Beth succumbed to her illness in 2019 at the age of 51.