Chad Alan Craghead, a 44-year-old math teacher and track coach, allegedly coerced underage girls to send pornographic images of themselves by him posing as a teenage boy. The teacher, who works at North Callaway School District in Missouri, was arrested by federal agents on June 16 and faces five felony charges.

Craghead, who describes himself as a “follower of Christ,” used a false identity to lure two underage girls online and coerce them to “produce pornographic images of themselves.” After receiving the images, Chad Alan Craghead insisted the girls send more photos. When they resisted his follow-up demands, Craghead, who lives in Fulton, Missouri, threatened to send the photos he already had to the girls’ family and friends.

The high school teacher allegedly targeted “Minor Victims 1 and 2” between January and April 2020, as Covid-19 restrictions kept many students home from school. The “Motion For Pretrial Detention and Continuance Of Hearing Date,” which was filed a day after Craghead’s arrest, accused him of the obscene behavior.

The motion claims that the “Defendant committed five felonies, as an Indictment was returned on or about June 9, 2021, charging [Chad Alan Craghead] with two counts of production of child pornography,” cyberstalking, and “two counts of interstate communications with intent to extort.” If convicted, Craghead faces a 15-30-year prison sentence and up to a $250,000 fine.

The “follower of Christ” who taught at North Callaway is a “husband, father of three, a JH math teacher, a head coach, and Distance Track coach,” at a high school. Craghead has taught at both North Callaway High School and Hatton-McCredie Elementary. He does not have a criminal record or of history sexual misconduct, though he does have two traffic violations. Chad Alan Craghead is an alumnus of CMSU, Central State University.

Craghead’s bail has not been set, and he is being held until trial. The motion asserts that given the facts of the investigation, Craghead is a danger to the community, and “is not amenable to supervision, and is a flight risk.”

The motion also alleges that Chad Craghead “created a false identity of a teenage boy to induce two minor females to produce pornographic images of themselves” and then used a second false identity to continuously extort the girls into producing more lewd images. The motion suggests that Craghead’s actions “caused a great deal of emotional distress” to the underaged girls.

A search warrant on SnapChat revealed that Chad Craghead was speaking with more than one female, and contained “multiple images of self-produced child pornography.” The motion asserts that there is enough evidence to refuse Craghead bail.

On Monday, June 21, U.S. Magistrate Judge Willie J. Epps ordered Craghead detained pending trial, though a trial date has not been set. The teacher has been held since his arrest on June 16. There has been no confirmation whether Craghead contacted the North Callaway School District to inform them of his arrest.

The district requires all employees to notify their supervisor within three working days of an arrest. If sexual or physical abuse charges are involved or are later substantiated, the employee “will be immediately suspended with pay.”

Chad Alan Craghead’s wife also teaches in the North Callaway School District, though she has not made a public comment regarding her husband’s arrest.