Charithra Chandran responded to haters after the premiere of Bridgerton Season 2 on Netflix. The actress, who plays Edwina Sharma, said many people had problems with her character. They felt the character distracted from the main love story. But have they been too harsh?


Charithra Chandran recently said, “It’s been difficult. Of course, it’s a bit disappointing, but I’m also like, ‘How can one comment and have such extreme emotions about something they don’t know?’ I don’t know what to say, like, I can’t lie. Edwina is in love with Anthony in the show. It’s true. They do have a connection. But also, that doesn’t mean there’s a catfight between the sisters, and it’s more complicated than that.”

Charithra added that some of the fans with the stronger opinions hadn’t seen the series. According to sources, the actress worked hard to add more nuance to Edwina’s character, who is considered a minor character in the book The Viscount Who Love Me.

Charithra Chandran haters
Charithra Chandran called out haters after Bridgerton Season 2. The actress said she was glad her character, Edwina, got a bigger role in the series. (Credit: Instagram)

Charithra Chandran added that she was happy that the Bridgerton writers allowed Edwina to be her own character, which gave the actress space to grow. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, she said, “One hundred percent. The one thing that I said to [creator] Chris Van Dusen before filming started was, ‘I don’t want Edwina to simply be a plot device for someone else’s story or a vehicle for the story to progress. I want her to be her own person and to have her own plot and narrative.’ And I’m so grateful to Chris and the writers for giving me as rich a story as they ended up giving me.”

The actress said that some of her former friends were also haters when it came to her role in Bridgerton Season 2. According to sources, her friends said she only got the role because she was brown.

“I’ve even had friends say to me, ‘Oh you got that because you’re brown,’ and that really hurts,” she said to The Telegraph. “What’s really scary is that you can start believing it and thinking, ‘The only reason I got cast as Edwina is because they were looking for an Indian family.’”

Charithra Chandran haters
Charithra Chandran bonded with Simone Ashley as the two actresses played the Sharma Sisters on Bridgerton Season 2. (Credit: Instagram)

Many fans of Bridgerton were delighted at the relationship between Charithra Chandran’s character, and Simone Ashley, who plays Edwina’s older sister Kate.

Season 2 of Bridgerton focuses on the Sharma sisters, who come to London for the social season. The sisters meet Anthony Bridgerton, who is trying to make Edwina his wife, much to the dismay of Kate, a woman determined to protect her sister.

Simone said that Season 2 focuses on family, and she was attracted to the character of Kate because she saw some of herself in the character. The actress said, “[Bridgerton] is all about family. It’s centered around different families that I think everyone can relate to, but also that everyone kind of wants to be a part of. So, it had to be more than just a love story. It had to also be about the love between the family members and the siblings and the parents and extended relatives.”

She added that she loved working on the series. “It was so much fun [joining the cast]. I mean, it was mad! It was wild! It was crazy! I was so grateful, first and foremost, just to sink my teeth into the amazing material and the love story. But I think that it’s a gift to an actor to be presented with such a great character journey.”

Bridgerton Season 1 and 2 are now available on Netflix.