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Chris Cuomo is having a very, very, very bad week.

Things were looking grim enough for the CNN anchor last week, when he was suspended for helping his brother, disgraced New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, devise a strategy to deal with the fallout from his sexual harassment scandal. 

But Chris Cuomo’s rock bottom didn’t come until Saturday, when the cable news veteran was officially fired from his spot at CNN after almost nine years on the air. He also had a book publishing deal fall through, and has voluntarily stepped down from his satellite radio news show. 

What’s more, Chris may be getting ready to file a lawsuit over his dismissal. The New York Post reported that he’s planning to take CNN to court if the network doesn’t buy out the rest of his contract. 


Rocky, a 2-year-old from Kentucky, is back at home celebrating after he became one of the youngest successful heart transplant recipients of all time last month

Rocky’s parents told local reporters he was diagnosed with left ventricular non-compaction cardiomyopathy when he was only 5 months old. He spent more than 100 days living in a pediatric ICU and then waited at home for a heart donor for more than a year. 

But as of Thanksgiving day, Rocky is a brand new man. Doctors gave the 2-year-old a new heart, patched him up, and sent him on his way — but not before the staff at Norton Children’s Hospital lined the hallway to send him off with a parade, WAVE3 reported. 

A great medical report and a parade? Things are looking up. 


Ethan Crumbley motive
Oxford School administrators are facing a $100 million lawsuit, alleging that they “created and increased the dangers” that led to the “easily preventable” shooting there on Nov. 30. (Credit: Adrienne of Oxford / Wikipedia

The school district in Oxford, Michigan is at the center of a huge controversy after a mass shooting there left four students dead and seven more wounded. 

As details emerged over the last week, critics have wondered why suspect Ethan Crumbley was sent back to class, even after a teacher reported seeing him work on a disturbing drawing that seemed to foreshadow the massacre. Others question why his backpack and locker weren’t searched for weapons. 

Now, the district is facing a $100 million lawsuit from a student who was wounded in the Nov. 30 attack. The suit alleges that the shooting was “entirely preventable” and that school administrators “created and increased the dangers” through their disciplinary actions (or lack thereof.)

As much as Oxford school district officials would like to put the tragic events of last week behind them, the district has a long, difficult road ahead.


LGBTQ rights have seen some huge developments this week.

First, the Chilean congress voted to legalize same-sex marriage with overwhelming support in both houses, according to foreign reports. President Sebastián Piñera, a conservative billionaire shocked the nation with his support for the three-year-old bill, calling the measure a “guarantee [of] freedom” for gay and lesbian Chileans. 

Then, on Tuesday, the government of Tokyo announced it would allow for “same-sex partnerships” beginning in 2022, according to Reuters. While not the same as full-fledged matrimony, the unanimously passed measure will allow the unions of same-sex couples to be recognized by the local government for legal purposes. 

For the international LGBTQ community, things are definitely looking up.


The Italian doctor who tried to use a fake arm prosthetic to get out of receiving a vaccine shot said his gambit ruined his life. He's trending down.
The Italian doctor who tried to use a fake arm prosthetic to get out of receiving a vaccine shot said his gambit ruined his life. He’s trending down. Photo credit: Amazon

Guido Russo, a 57-year-old Italian dentist, made headlines for trying to avoid his Covid-19 vaccine by showing up to the clinic wearing a bizarre fake arm. Nurses caught on to his ruse when they were unable to find a blood vessel. 

Russo later said that the incident, which received international media coverage, “ruined his life.” He claimed he was only trying to get his proof-of-vaccination card so he could return to work, but that he’s now being investigated for fraud, and may never practice dentistry again. 

Adding insult to injury, he’s now gotten the shot (for real, this time.) While Russo has since changed his tune and called the vaccine “the best weapon we have against this terrible disease,” it’s too little, too late — he’s trending down. 


Jennifer Aniston looks better than ever in her 50s! Photo credit: The Hollywood Reporter

The beloved actress and Hollywood icon was one of the few celebs who appeared to thrive throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, thanks in part to her role on AppleTV’s critically acclaimed The Morning Show.

This week, Jen received the Sherry Lansing Leadership Award at The Hollywood Reporter Women in Entertainment breakfast gala, chosen for her professional and philanthropic achievements throughout her career. 

In a Q & A with the magazine, Jen dished about her post-Friends life. But it was the photo shoot that had everyone talking. Looking better than ever at 52, the bombshell beauty proved again that age is just a number.

With a shiny award and list of exciting new projects, it couldn’t be more clear — Jennifer Aniston is trending up. 


There’s no shame in getting a little work done, but if you’re a Saudi camel who competes in beauty pageants, you might want to think twice. 

According to the BBC, more than 40 camels were disqualified from the King Abdulaziz Camel Festival’s beauty pageant for having received Botox injections that judges believe gave them an unfair advantage. 

Judges reportedly look for the camels with the best attributes, including long, droopy lips, a big nose and a shapely hump — some or all of which can be accentuated with Botox injections, apparently. All of the contestants were screened with X-rays, which revealed the problematic camels, who were promptly kicked out. 

We had no idea that camels are so vain! They may look better, but they’re trending way down.


The West Side Story actress isn’t just getting great reviews for her performance in Steven Spielberg’s big-screen adaptation of the beloved Broadway musical, she also served up some serious style this week when the film premiered in Los Angeles. 

In her princess gown with a sweetheart neckline, Rachel looked like she walked out of a fairy tale. And she kind of did. The 20-year-old was a high school student in 2019 when a friend sent her the audition for West Side Story, according to Variety.

Next up? The actress is scheduled to begin production on Disney’s live-action Snow White remake some time in the weeks ahead. Rachel, of course, will portray the title character. 

Rags to riches is always a great story, especially when Steven Spielberg is at the helm! 


Two unnamed California parents found out that one of their children tested positive for Covid-19, but decided to send both of their children to school anyway, according to reports

Now, 75 students at Neil Cummins Elementary School in Marin County have tested positive for the virus, as well. 

The parents were only found out after public health officials called the school to ask why the administrators hadn’t logged the students as being quarantined, as required by state policy. After a quick investigation and a round of Covid tests, school and county officials said they’ve referred the case to the district attorney, as they suspect the parents’ negligence may have been criminal. 

These parents may want to get tested themselves, because they’re showing all the symptoms of trending down. 


Poised to clean up during award season, HBO's hit comedy-drama Succession is trending up.
Poised to clean up during award season, HBO’s hit comedy-drama Succession is trending up. Photo credit: Shutterstock

As HBO’s hit comedy-drama approaches the end of its third season, it’s poised to run the table at the Critics’ Choice TV Awards in January. 

Succession has been nominated in eight categories — more than any other show — including Best Drama and Best Actor nominations for Brian Cox and Jeremy Strong. 

The show’s been on the air since 2018 but is increasingly gaining recognition for its strong character performances and biting satire of American wealth and privilege.

Succession isn’t just hitting its stride — it’s trending up.

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