Christina Darling was identified as the woman who was spitting on Jewish kids last Friday. Darling was arrested and charged with two hate crimes, aggravated harassment and menacing. Police are investigating and trying to understand what happened.

According to reports, the assault happened on Friday on Avenue P near Coleman Street in Marine Park, Brooklyn. Around 12:30 p.m. surveillance video footage captured Christina Darling in an orange sweatshirt and black leggings coming up to three Jewish children.

The children were ages 8, 7, and 2. Police reported that Darling started harassing the oldest sibling and told them “Hitler should have killed you all. I’ll kill you and know where you live.” She then spits on the 8-year-old before fleeing the scene.

Christina Darlin woman who spit on Jewish kids
The woman who was caught spitting on Jewish kids was identified as 21-year-old Christina Darling. She was arrested and charged for her anti-Jewish statements. (Credit: Facebook)

The boy’s father, Aryah Fried, said that his son responded to the woman and told her that he would save his sister. This comment caused Christina Darling to spit on him.

“This woman passed by them, yelled at them. Something along the lines of Hitler should have killed you all. I gotta teach him not to engage, but he engaged. And she came running back at him, spat in his face and told him we will kill you all, I know where you live, and we’ll make sure to get you all next time,” said Fried.

Fried said that his children were playing in the neighborhood when the antisemitic remarks happened and that his family had never seen Christina Darling before.

The father of three said that he is very upset about what happened to his kids. According to Fried, he and his wife teach the children to look for a woman if they’re ever in danger and now he doesn’t know how to explain this to them.

He said, “And this woman looks like a person that might have been a safe-looking person for the kids. So, what do we tell them now?”

Following the attack, officers released the surveillance video and hoped that the public could help them identify the woman. She was later identified as Christina Darling. It is unclear how police were able to track her down and name her.

A petition on identified Darling as a senior at St. Francis College and is an education major going for a career as a guidance counselor. Many think that the 21-year-old should be removed from the university because of her actions.

“I urge President Miguel Martinez-Saenz to stand by his promises and denounce this horrifying act of racism, bigotry, and harassment against the Jewish people,” the petition reads. “If appropriate disciplinary action isn’t taken, an egregious precedent will be set.”

The petition has already gained over 1,500 supporters.

Christina Darling Woman who spit on Jewish kids
Christina Darling was arrested for spitting on Jewish kids in Brooklyn. Many are outraged, calling for the 21-year-old to be removed from St. Francis College. (Credit: Facebook)

Darling’s antisemitic rant is just the latest in a string of racist remarks against Jewish people across the country. According to NYPD statistics, the city saw 144 confirmed attacks against Jewish individuals between January and Oct. 2021.

In Dec. 2021, two Jewish men were attacked in Brooklyn. According to police reports, the men were punched in the face because one of them was wearing an Israel Defense Forces sweatshirt. The suspect, a 27-year-old man, was later arrested in Jan. 2022.

In Texas, members of a synagogue, including their rabbi, were held hostage for 11 hours by Malik Faisal Akram. The Muslim man demanded that Aafia Siddiqui be released from prison. The hostage taker later died, and all the hostages were able to leave the synagogue unharmed.

Police have not released an official statement about Christina Darling’s arrest. It is unclear when she will appear in court.