Christine Quinn claimed that editors for Netflix’s reality television series Selling Sunset displayed a heavy use of favoritism in the most recent season, depicting her as the villain despite positive changes in her life.

Reality television editors forming narratives to create sympathetic characters or villainous heels is nothing new for the industry, but Christine was compelled to complain after feeling like the show was not showing her side of the story as a well-rounded character.

“I actually really loved it at first,” the realtor told E! News‘ Nina Parker about being “branded the villain” over the course of Selling Sunset’s four seasons.

“I was embracing it because I love to put on a show and be a character,” she said, calling it “so fun.”

Asked why she chose now to speak out, Christine Quinn responded saying that she was frustrated that she was getting all of the bad while editors kept things hidden about her co-stars.

“I was hoping that multiple sides would be shown — my vulnerability, different things — but throughout the seasons, it just seemed to be this one-note consistency of my character portrayal, so it was hard for me,” she said. “Especially when I was going through a lot this season.”

Welcoming her first born with husband Christian Richard, the couple had a baby boy, Christian Georges Dumontet, back in May. Speaking with ET Canada, she revealed that she suffered from postpartum depression after giving birth and was dealing with a lot of confusing emotions while filming.

Chrishell Stause, one of Christine Quinn's 'Selling Sunset' co-stars who recently started dating owner Jason Oppenheim
Chrishell Stause, one of Christine Quinn’s ‘Selling Sunset’ co-stars who recently started dating owner Jason Oppenheim. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

The reality star also spoke out about having panic attacks off screen, and that she had to undergo an emergency C-section after the umbilical cord got wrapped around the baby’s neck.

“It was a lion’s den and these girls were pitted against me,” she said, “and it was really, really difficult.”

“There are many times where in the show I say certain things, but they don’t want to have another person respond to me so sometimes they’ll do an interview clip, and I’m just like, ‘Ugh! Why can’t I ever get a word in?'” Christine Quinn revealed.

She claimed that there was “definitely favoritism in the editing room,” but that “people need to realize it’s a show and obviously we do want to make it entertaining.”

The reality star also revealed some interesting continuity edits, such as how she, “realized in episode 4, I had my baby, and then in episode 5, I was doing a yoga scene. But that was actually when I was pregnant.”

Scene transitions such as this not only made it seem as if her journey from pregnancy to motherhood was blissful, but it also made fans angry, with some detractors commenting online that they thought the pregnancy was faked.

“People were like, ‘I can’t believe you were doing yoga after a C-section,’ and I was like, ‘What are they talking about?'” she told People.

Christine Quinn isn’t the only cast member to complain about the editors room however, as co-star Maya Vander also spoke out earlier this month about how her audio was being manipulated to create sentences that she didn’t say.

“Somehow the words, if they don’t show your face but they put words together, they can create a sentence and make it look like I said something, which is pretty clever and interesting to watch,” she revealed.

“You take the chance and you are at the mercy of the producers at the end of the day, and the editing,” she said, calling it just “part of being in a reality show.”

Maya revealed that following her recent miscarriage, she would probably not want to return for Season 6 if the Netflix series got renewed, and would rather spend more time with her husband and family.

In March, Selling Sunset was renewed at Netflix for two more seasons.